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Hi! Since there are many changes regarding the nightly branch and the latest versions are quite stable, it has been moved to the public version. At the moment the nightly branch has been deactivated until further notice.

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Since there are many changes regarding the nightly branch and the latest versions are quite stable, it has been moved to the public version.

At the moment the nightly branch has been deactivated until further notice.

Additions & improvements

- Redesigned services and ports system. From now on when you install a service on a machine you have to make sure that the router has the corresponding open port and points to the correct LAN machine.

To access the router configuration, you must open the browser and enter the router's LAN address, or

- Added new mission "Police Report" with subvariants.

- Added new mission "Corrupt Data".

- Enabled the traffic cameras. You can access them from any computer in a police station, inside any home folder using the "trafficNetwork" command.

It is the first functional iteration, where the graphic performance is going to be tested mainly, for the moment the users can only change cameras views but they can not interact with the traffic lights.

- Removed protection in services. It is allowed to stop services in npcs machines.

- Administrators now also restore services and ports in addition to files.

- Added QuickEdit mode in the terminal: Select text and paste it directly with the middle mouse button as an alternative to the contextual menu.

- Improved terminal autocomplete with the TAB key. Now, in addition to programs, relative and absolute paths are autocomplete.

- Added visual bell in the terminal if the autocomplete does not return any value.

- Now the victims in the "Credentials" and "Corrupt Data" missions can be lan computers that do not have ports open directly to the outside and therefore must be accessed through other computers.

- Now nmap returns the real version of the services that are behind the ports, this means that if nmap shows an open port whose version is 'unknown' it is because behind the port it has no active service or the machine is off or any other problem with the service.

Therefore when you configure a port on the router, you will know that it is configured correctly if after making an nmap to the router it shows you the port that you have opened with the service version.

- Enabled multithreading for Single-player and dedicated Server. This can mean an increase in performance in the singleplayer mode, for cases where the internal processes of the game can cause hiccups in certain computer configurations.

- Persistence in ports and services. Therefore, they will no longer be reset after a reboot of the game server.

- Added "passwd" command to change the password of a user registered on a computer.

- Added scp to all shell type exploits.

- Computers in LAN networks can have active services even if they are not configured in the router.
This means that from now on there will be many less npcs computers with all the ports closed when you make an nmap on LAN computers. At the moment only ssh and ftp..

- Rewritten behaviour on the home page of web search to correct several bugs, including the ancestral one of not being able to scroll with the mouse wheel.

- Now the services like Students, Employees etc are all SQL type and use the same port by default, although the number may vary since repeated ports are not allowed. At the moment there are still no hacking techniques to be used in SQL-type services.

- Individual networks (networks that do not belong to any company) have ports open more commonly to allow fewer routers with all ports closed to the outside and therefore more computers in the world that are accessible.

- Revised and improved StudentsViewer where various bugs have been corrected, which prevented the program from connecting correctly to the database file where the student information is located.
Now the program has a preconfigured setting that usually the user will not have to change but gives information where the program is connected to.

Apart from the servers, the teachers computers also contain the StudentsViewer program, usually located in their home folder. This way the player could complete the mission without necessarily having to enter the server where the file of the database is located.

- Single player mode updates stores content faster than multiplayer mode

- Added option to all terminal network commands to connect to a specific port. If the port is not specified, the command will connect using the default port. The entries in the manual have been updated. You can also see the help by executing the command without parameters.


- Fixed bug in the generation of mail accounts of npcs in mail servers that caused that the domains were not the correct ones, being able to give as result accounts that could not be deciphered or other unwanted behaviors.

- Fixed error in the bar address of Browser when doing a submit if the focus was lost, instead of just pressing the return button.

- Fixed bug in the terminal that caused pasted text was always added to the end of the line instead of the cursor position.

- Fixed bug that allowed certain windows like LogViewer to remain open after the user disconnected from the remote machine from the terminal.

- Fixed bug that caused a computer to keep running after deleting critical files with the UI and restarting it.

- Fixed bug in the browser the first time a bookmark was added, showing a "page not found" message after adding it.

- Fixed bug in procedural generation when creating certain programs in the computers from LAN network. As StudentsViewer.

- Avoided the repetition of external ports in a router during world generation.

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