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Hello everyone! This update is focused on bugfixes.

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Update v0.5.945a


- Dedicated server: When restarting the server for maintenance or new version, will be notified to users who are playing at that time before restarting it.

- Fixed bug in Linux that prevented some players from going through the installation window, caused black screen when starting the game, or commands that could not be executed.

- Fixed bug in the terminal autocomplete, which eliminated the name of the command if used with more than one parameter.

- Fixed bug that caused remote shells to not run if the whois command had been used previously. For example shellweb, ftpnuke, etc, not connecting to the remote machine (but the title window changed to red and connected status) until another instance of the terminal was opened.

Update v0.5.938a


- Improved server stability.

- Fixed focus problems between the terminal and certain inputs of other windows, causing duplication of text entered in both windows.

- Fixed a problem in the chat window that caused it could not be closed if it had been opened before having a connection to the network.

- Improved management of connections between the PCs of the players and the rest of the connected PCs (NPCs and other players).

- If a player leaves the game, the windows and terminal connections of any player connected to him will be closed.

- When the player writes exit in a terminal or closes it from the X button, the windows associated with that connection are also closed.

- Minimal adjustments in some sections of the UI.

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