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Hi! Here you have another new version with some new things and bugfixes

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Hi! Here you have another new version with some new things and bugfixes

Additions & improvements

- Multiplayer: Performance improvements in the client side related with the number of players online.

- The path of the home folder of the players has changed from "/home/Users/player" to "/home/player"

- Players belong to the same group as root on their own computer, allowing to copy files to "/bin" and "/usr/bin" without using sudo.

- Now the terminal shows in the prompt the complete path of the folder where the player is located.

- Enabled the use of Home and End key in the terminal to go to first of line and end of line.

- Increased sensitivity in all scrolls.

- Changed bash aspect to make it more similar to a UNIX system. Substituting the character> for $ and # in case of root

- Added manual entry for sudo.

- Created new service-type mission where a player is required to host an ssh server and create a new user in the system to meet the requirements.

- Created mission against the players of the new service mission, where they are required to steal the credentials of the created user.

- Added useradd and userdel commands for the creation of computer user accounts. Check the manual for more info. In future updates it will be possible to manage the creation and deletion of users through the UI.

- the cp and mv commands check if the destination folder has write permissions.


- Fixed several problems with the sudo command.

- Fixed a problem that caused the scroll of the terminal not to be updated in some cases, especially with the sudo command.

- The "/etc/passwd" file now saves the encrypted data of the credentials created by the player correctly.

- Fixed crash when retrieving information from the database if the user used certain
characters in the file names or in the content of text files.

Known issues

- If one player connects to another's computer and executes the ps command, the list of processes is empty.

- It can cause unexpected behavior if a service is installed in a network in which there is another computer with the same service running, duplicated open ports can appear if they are scanned with nmap.

- In this build you can not stop a started service. Unless you leave the game.

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