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In Update v0.3.2.0, you can shoot a dinosaur anywhere you like now with the expected results. They still won't like it, though.

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Check out the changes for v0.3.2.0 below:

* [New] Locational Damage: Headshots do more damage and have a unique effect, limb shots do less damage, leg shots slow more
* [Bugfix] Pressing ESC with the in-game Options menu open will return the menu to the Master state
* [Bugfix] Fixed Spawner code which could have rendered valid Spawners inactive in some situations
* [Bugfix] Added timeout to client-side screen shake effect to prevent eternal shaking
* [Bugfix] Shotgun now has 5 shells instead of 4 after respawning
* [Bugfix] Weapons now properly reset after returning to menu and starting a new game
* [Bugfix] Blood sprays are no longer offset from their origin
* [Change] Adjusted all weapon damage values lower to rebalance for Locational Damage
* [Change] Increased range of Fists: From 3 units to 4 units
* [Change] Increased volume of effects and global ambient sounds
* Various minor improvements

Questions? Comments? Bugs? Let us know.

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