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The latest news, bug fixes and new features v0.16.0 Pernicious Penguin has landed.

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Pernicious Penguin v0.16.0

Bugs Squashed

  • Escape menu upgraded including Options, Exit Game etc.
  • Code implemented for random music playback.
  • Stop players other than the world owner from changing permissions.
  • Upgraded the permissions users can now set for other players in their worlds.
  • Multiplayer chat clipping so now you can read long messages (hooray!).
  • In game music volume controls.
  • Entry & exit teleporter GUI tabs.
  • Notifications have been fixed so they now appear again.
  • Player list now updates correctly when people join the world.
  • Player permissions are now set correctly when they join a world.
  • Teleporters not link up correctly.

New Features

  • Permissions for being able to load and save items and worlds

  1. Integrated new desert terrains

  • Restrict Mode Types Available to Users
  • New GUI panel for World Permissions
  • Ue-Man’s Invisible Skeleton (ready for customization)

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