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Letting you guys know that StarCraft: Rivalry features a slew of new units and heroes - much more than I initially planned.

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As you all should be aware of by now, StarCraft: Rivalry intends to offer a complete "expansion pack" experience via a new campaign for each race. Like StarCraft: Brood War, my campaigns will offer each race new units and heroes, and the storytelling within the maps will introduce and integrate these new units and heroes much like Blizzard Entertainment's expansion pack did. Here's a list of the new units and heroes, along with their respective descriptions. Note that, unless the unit or hero is marked with an asterisk (*), it may be removed, replaced, or otherwise modified. As always, I might add more, providing the limitations of StarCraft's engine doesn't beat me up too badly in the process.

*The Cerebrate | Friend and military consort to Torzul. Zerg protagonist.
*Cerebrate Torzul | A powerful and intelligent Zerg Cerebrate. One of the last remaining. Zerg hero.
*Mel'krieg | A Protoss/Zerg hybrid capable of stunning displays of psionic power. Zerg hero.
*The Maw | Cerebrate Torzul's infested Battlecruiser. Zerg hero.
Trent Alamn | An infested Terran Ghost operative. Excels at infiltration. Zerg hero.
*Hunter Killer Lurker| Super-strain Lurker. Excellent against ground (no air attack). Zerg hero.
*Infested Scout | Medium air fighter. Great against air, good against ground. Zerg unit.
*Casan Screamer | Medium ground infantry. Fair against air, good against ground. Zerg unit.
Asphyxiator | Heavy airborne beast. Great against air and ground. Zerg unit.

*Del'rathien | Mysterious Dark Templar Consular. Powerful warrior. Protoss hero.
Algannor | Pragmatic but blissfully ignorant Zealot. Keen warrior. Protoss hero.
*Altaesir | The "Twilight Guardian". Extremely powerful psion. Protoss hero.
*Immortal | Medium ranged vehicle. Good against air and ground. Protoss unit.
Clarion Tank | Heavy ranged vehicle. Good against ground (no air attack). Protoss unit.
*Reptilian | Medium air fighter. Good against air, great against ground. Protoss unit.
*Voidship | Heavy spaceship. Excellent against ground (no air attack). Protoss unit.
(Protoss need some work; will update when I have more heroes/units planned)

*Admiral Fortune | Iron-willed and military to the core. Secretive about the past. Terran hero.
*Bishop Wers | Average-grunt-turned-accomplished-sergeant. Hates his job. Terran hero.
*Arenya Goska | Warhawk pilot. Squad captain. Only female in her squad. Terran hero.
*Duster | Light vehicle. Fair against ground and air. Terran unit.
*Dune Runner | Light tank. Good against ground and air. Terran unit.
Shadow Ops | Heavy infantry. Excellent against ground, good against air. Terran unit.
*Scimitar | Medium air fighter. Great against air, good against ground. Terran unit.
(Terrans need some work; will update when I have more heroes/units planned)

All of the new units will be buildable in melee play and campaign unless I decide to include a few campaign-only units, but that's unlikely (I'm not into that design philosophy unless it's absolutely necessary; give the player more options, I say!).

One last thing. You may have noticed that "The Cerebrate" is the only character on the list that's labeled "protagonist". That's because the Zerg campaign is told through the eyes of that Cerebrate. I'm tired of including nameless Cerebrates, Executors, and Commanders in campaigns, so rather than have that, I created an actual, physical protagonist who voices his opinions and has character depth to him. The Protoss and Terran campaigns lacked an easy way to include this, so I opted to remove that role completely - which works better from a storytelling point of view, as I can then hop around in those campaigns instead of remaining tethered to one viewpoint.

I gotta thank ModDB for allowing me to gather the rabble of followers I've obtained. I know you guys will enjoy this mod and campaign! Stay tuned for more news, videos, and more!

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