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The Alpha version of this here TARDIS modification for Portal, which includes a fully functional Tardis (minus the ability to travel everywhere, I'm working on that... :p) is finally released! Tell your friends, allons-y!

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Alpha Version v0.1 - Download Link:

Readme File (Updated):

--TARDIS Alpha Release v0.1--
Website + Contact:

This is a very, very early release just showcasing how easy it is to have an awesome implementation of the TARDIS and all of its features in the Portal modification of the Source Engine. I am not sure whether this release will be all for this TARDIS "mod", or if there is a future for this to become a fully fledged modification... It all depends on whether I am motivated enough/and whether I can gather up a team to turn this little fan project into the awesomeness it can become.

If you're interested in helping, please go to the mod site and send me a message :).

Installation Instructions
1) Copy all the folders in this archive to your portal folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\portal\ OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\\portal\).
2) Open up steam, open your game library and right click Portal, then click properties
3) In the window click "Set Launch Options", and paste this into the textbox, without the quotes: "-dxlevel 80 +map tardisy"
4) Now press OK and you are now ready to experience bigger-on-the-inside awesomeness. You can now just run portal to start the TARDIS map. Allons-y!

Uninstallation Instructions (to get back normal Portal)
1) Remove all the files that were copied during installation.
2) Open up steam, open your game library and right click Portal, then click properties
3) In the window click "Set Launch Options", and delete everything in the textbox
4) *OPTIONAL* (ONLY DO THIS STEP IF YOUR DX LEVEL IS >=9.0, IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, SKIP THIS STEP) In the same textbox, paste this into it, without the quotes: "-dxlevel 90"
5) Press OK, and you should be back to normal Portal. If these instructions don't work, then your best bet would be to reinstall Portal.

^NOTE- you do not have to remove any files if you don't mind having rectangular Portals - you can just simply skip to 3) onwards for this. Then, to open up the TARDIS mod again, simply skip to step 2) of the Installation Instructions.

Tardis Operation Instructions
- On the console, press the middle button to materialise in the alien city. Press the left most button to materialise back to the floating space island.
- In the city, there are two chairs beside the tardis. "Press" the chair on the left to see the Tardis dematerialise. "Press" the chair on the right to see the Tardis rematerialise. Make sure to wait for the Tardis to fully de/rematerialise before re/dematerialising it.
Known Glitches
- If you stand right at the middle of the doorway and press the use key to close the door, you may get stuck in the doorway and won't be able to move.
- Kind of glitches up if you press the materialise button straight after pressing the dematerialise button.
- If you find anymore glitches, please send me a message by going to the moddb website.

TARDIS Credits
[-B-] - Space Skybox
Dr Who TARDIS roundels wp by: ~RSAntilles
Chairs by: Acumen (
Orange sky by: Syco* Ohara
Used some Zombie Panic Source props
Coat Rack by Google: (SketchUp Warehouse)

Mudo146 - - 45 comments

Woohoo! Thank you for at least an Alpha release!

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Pulpdood Author
Pulpdood - - 12 comments

Sorry I messed up the installation instructions a bit... You should copy the folders to "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\portal\portal" NOT "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\portal\"

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