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Well, here we go. Dont cry, this mod isn't going anywhere until it is DONE. Lets just get it done!!!

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Well, it has been a tough week for me. I have been busting my butt with school so I can get it done. But that is 1 of the major hold ups. You'll find out in a little bit.

Well, the modis progressing.... very slow. I have FINALLY, you hear me? FINALLY, mapped out the plan for this mod (sshhh.... secrets are secrets ;)). So maps are being made and coded in. I have been teaching myself how to code so I can leave a lot of work off of some shoulders on the coder(s).

So, that being said. My team has just.. poofed. Leaving me all alone. But luckily, Dark_Lord_Link is now a coder/ rigger/ animator on my team. Making it ONLY Link and me. I need alot of help. So that is another set back on the mod.

I have managed to get these maps ingame and running well:

- Krant
- Raxus Prime

They are fun to play on too. I have also been swaping planet's being under faction control. So it has been determined that the Empire will own the most planets on the GC and the Rebels to be scattered and have very few. Pirates will have few under control too so will the Consortium. Separatist and Clone Resistance will have 1 planet to start out with as they only had 1. I have also liked to put new buttons that will spearate into categories:


- Corvettes
- Stations
- Capitals
- Frigates
- Fighters
- Research


- Walker (Empire and Clone Resistance only)
- Repulsor Lift
- Treaded
- Infantry
- Air Craft
- Artillery
- Research

This new system will give it a more, cool look. There will be use of Vanilla prop models. Except they will be used in a good way. Example: Imperial Landing Pad---> Builds Air Craft for land combat.
And so on. Planets will have special building capabilities. I have yet to determine the X85 gun Platform that builds the (erhm) the TIE Experimentals. Yes I gave a spoiler. The TIE Experimentals as seen in Star Wars: X-wing Alliance. Those DOS and Windows 95 gamers might remember those oldies (Dark Forces, Rebellion, TIE Fighter, Rebel Assault, etc.). But they will be built ONLY on a specific X85 platform on the SPECIFIC planet. Death Star will be built only on The Maw and Death Star II only above Endor (darn, letting spoilers slip right through my mouth). But, I have yet to determine new "bombardment" projectiles or particles. So, it should be nice to see. Instead of a giant Plasma ball, it would be like:


- Giant Star Destroyer projectiles hitting the ground


- Giant CR90 and/or Mon Cal projectiles hitting the ground

and so on.

Well that all for now!

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