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Since May I have mostly been preoccupied with other projects, but I have gone back to working on this mod in the past month or so, I liked what I was working on. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I realized that if I worked on a few more improvements I could get a special release for its 1 year anniversary, and that is exactly what I have decided to do here.

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I was not satisfied with my test build, it was slow, overly-complicated, and completely unnecessary despite the few benefits it had, namely being a new night vision system that made the NV device separate from suits, and had NV scopes too.

But this system had two major drawbacks that I didn't like. The first was that it cloned every weapon 3-4 times, and the second was that although it used a proper model for the night vision scope it added, they only attached to the vanilla models.

So I've decided to scrap it altogether, although I might salvage parts of that build in the future, for artifact detectors, and new scope models, for the most part it was a disaster.

Since then I have started more work, based on the last release of the mod. I have more or less shoddily added a new weather system, that replaces SWO, but is still very far from being a true "dynamic" weather system. As it still follows AMK's horribly implemented weather which I curse every time it transitions suddenly. I don't have any plans of releasing this system yet. I'll probably talk to the author about getting permission to use it.

Aside from that, I have also made changes to the way that NPCs treat weapons, and increased their accuracy. NPCs now fire many of the fixed stock assault rifles on semi-auto, which eliminates their poor ability to correct recoil, and the interval between shots they take has been increased so that they will be better with follow-up shots. This change alone makes NPCs very dangerous, since they are more likely to pull off a headshot on the player.

Another one of the things I had to do, specifically because of adding the feature above, was change the loadouts that certain squads of NPCs spawn with, so that the more accurate NPCs are intended to act as marksman while other ones, armed with carbines, or folding-stock rifles are to direct fire.

Still, this isn't the end of what I've been working on, so far I have changed just about every NPC in the bar area to spawn with better weapons, mainly shotguns, and 7.62 AKs for stalkers, and I have given Duty more Saigas, as well as more specialization in weapon types regarding rank and armor used. Hopefully this will fend off dogs better.

I worked on new textures for NPCs, there are about 4 different textures for the stalker suit, 4-5 new textures for the novice jacket. 3 textures for bandits, and 3 new ones for mercenaries. I still have to edit many more of the game's meshes for these to be implemented properly.

And finally, in relation to the whole matter of mutant spawns, I've made many changes to the monster respawn configs, but I haven't tested them yet and have no idea how they will actually work in-game, or if they control everything mutant-related.

And the very last thing I'll mention, is that I de-compiled Zone of Alienation's all.spawn. which I'll be uploading here soon.


Sounds good, especially the look at the mutant spawns. Last time I did a playthrough I had to temporarily redo the immunities table to keep Bullet alive. All told I killed around 14 blind dogs, 8 flesh, 6 boars, countless (above 30) hamsters and a controller- just to get to the ambush position.

(In other words I made npcs invulnerable to all but expl dmg and turned on a trainer lol)

Spawns def need reworked a bit but maybe think about making some npcs invulnerable so quests are possible without cheating. I'm sure the textures will look great and the Duty npcs will greatly benefit from improved weapons.

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FatalFunnel Author

Here are the re-writes. I still don't know if they really do anything, I've only tested it for a day.

One of the reasons why I have doubts is the whole controller spawning in Cordon thing, and it's nowhere in the Cordon config.

Feel free to try it out, I need guinea pigs.

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