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Announcing a bunch of new screenshots and new team members!

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Team Members

Selyp (Modeling, Mapping, Concept/Story, Scripting)
Rapture (Mapping, Modeling)
NadTheBat (Texturing, Mapping)
Miss Rigi (Concept/Story)
DamnNoHtml (Textures, Mapping, Scripting)

I am excited to announce that with the help of our new team members, we have made a lot of progress. Today I added 6 new screenshots of our total mapping makeover. I am please to say that it looks a lot better than it did before. As usual, I'll keep posting periodic updates.

UPDATE : Aug. 13th - Atlantia is announced.
UPDATE : Aug. 14th - Underwater gameplay is working! Just need to touch it up a bit, and figure out how to disable gravity so the player isn't just walking underwater. Also completed a lot of mapping for the first area. (about 60%) Added some screenshots.
UPDATE : Aug. 15th - Mapping is done for the first area. Just need to spice things up and add details. Taking a break from that to create some custom models. Progress will be slower from now on, classes started back up today.
UPDATE : Aug. 24th - Taking some time off of mapping and working on some custom models! Will post some screens soonish
UPDATE : Sep 8th - I have learned a lot making some simple custom models, and am now going to start working on some models for Atlantia. If you'd like to see what I've completed, or download them yourself, check out this thread.
UPDATE : Sep 9th - New screen added to moddb page. (Link is in my sig)
UPDATE : Sep 13th - With the help of Rapture, mapping is undergoing an awesome makeover! Will post some screens once it's finalized. (It looks a LOT better)
UPDATE : Sep 15th - Added a BUNCH of new screenshots!
UPDATE: Sep 23rd - Exciting news! DamnNoHtml has helped by making some really nice textures for a new map. 3 more custom models have been added, with more that just need to be textured. Also, we are completely renovating the inventory screen. 2 new screenshots posted.

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