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Introduction to the new story and units for the new faction.

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Long time no see. In this Special Update, I am going to introduce what I have done recently. It is basically about the sub-faction of COS. To begin with, let us deep into the story:

Road to War

22:00, Tokyo.

The air defense alarm rang through Tokyo’s night sky again.

Several blue and white light spots quickly cut through the dark sky, and then turned into an expensive and gorgeous spark-another AW-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft was shot down, and it was shot down by Russian weapons.

Konev looked at the bright yellow meteor falling slowly, and his heart could not be calm for a long time. Yes, he is fighting the Russians on Japanese soil. What is he fighting for?

At this time, his chief released a video from Moscow TV to his troops: a few hours ago, a failed mutiny occurred in the capital. The Taman Division and the mob burned down the White Palace, but General Nikita’s elite troops quickly settled the rebellion. His bomber squadrons turned Moscow into a sea of ​​flames, and the cruel airborne soldiers were merciless toward their former comrades and compatriots. The streets were full of blood, stumps and crying people. He also saw an ambulance lit by incendiary bombs and a group of charred bodies in the carriage.


The screams passed by the bomber in the video are intertwined with the sound of the air defence missile launch in reality. In a trance, he is a little unclear where he is. The Quick Reaction Troops of the Airforce under Nikita was once a well-known team in the army: it appeared on the front line of all foreign conflicts, and successfully prevented the invasion of the Alliance of Commune.

The chief said that the entire Pacific Fleet and the troops in the Far East have now declared an uprising to resist the atrocities of General Nikita. He also talked about how General Nikita colluded with the Alliance of Commune and the United States in exchange for advanced weapons and technology to arm his private forces; how his forces used the lives of the Russian people in the border conflict with the Commune Alliance The price is in exchange for peace. All in all, in his mouth, General Nikita is a full jerk, a sinner of the Russian nation and a public enemy of humanity.

But is this really the case? Why on weekdays did he hear that General Nikita was a good man with strict governance?

On the other side of Tokyo, Yuria sat in a dark cafe and silently looks at the bloody shots on the TV screen. The tank destroyer pushed away from the wreckage of the Tenho tank on the street, and a long bloody trace was marked on the road.

"Do you think I did something wrong, Mr Louis?"

"I respect all your decisions." The burly man sitting under the TV responded to each other with an unusually calm tone.

Thirty years ago, Romanov relied on a military coup to take office. However, not all military leaders obeyed his rule, and many generals still coveted his prime minister, which gives Yuria the chance to infiltrate. By giving the Federal Security Agency some misguided information, Yuria made these military leaders mistakenly believe that their time had come. They secretly exchanged interests with General Fukuyama, causing Romanov to bury his most elite cronies in Japan. Then they thought the time was ripe.

Of course, they are doomed to failure. General Nikita was the coldest person in the military. He spared the blood of the Moscow River at the expense of the people of a city to calm the rebellion of the Taman Division.

However, what is more important for Yuria is that the Japanese Junta under General Fukuyama now has no way out. As a solid conservative, he loves Japan and the Japanese people than any others. He will not give this land to the cruel Nikita. At this time, his only choice is to fight to the end.

Fight, fight... How many people will really fight for the so-called National Unity and the right to freedom? Yuria thought that the fruits of their battle and blood would eventually be taken by conspirators like her. There is nothing new under the sun.

She gently ignited a match and then lit the candle on the table with it, which was originally prepared for the candlelight dinner of couples.

"Pour illumine notre terre et changer la vie."

The bright yellow flame of the candle was flickering and illuminating the small space instantly. Louis immediately felt the heat and light the candle emitted. Those in Tokyo, Moscow or other places who are struggling on the street, young people who can never go home, and parents who are full of expectations for their children to return home... In the end, all they see are nothing but deserted corpses. Did their lives really just pass away in vain?

Psysonic Omega V1.101

General Nikita's troops, Special Airforce COMmand, are equipped with more advanced weapons and trained much better. As a Quick Reaction Force, SACOM has no heavy tanks or other armored vehicles such as Tenho, Titan and Mammoth. Instead, the infantries, aircraft and support vehicles are powerful enough to bring them victory.


Firstly, the Paratrooper. They are strictly selected from the elite Conscripts and more than reliable. As the personal guards of General Nikita, Paratrooper participated in several notorious events such as the Moscow Massacres and Tokyo Incident. It is said that one of their training course is to torture political crimes until they had get used to it. Hence they will show no mercy to any foes of Nikita: Russians, Ukrainians or Japanese. Armed with an improved machinegun and toxic grenades, they can deal with other infantries much more efficiently than their previous comrades.


Listener ESV is electronic warfare variant of Stalker APC. Its armor and container space is replaced with the radar system. Thanks to these strange vehicles, When those notorious events happen, the world can never get the first-hand information from the scene.

When the Jamming System is not activated, Listener ESV can help improve the attack range of nearby allies and reveal stealth units by analyzing its radar feedback. Once the Jamming System activates, it will monitor and interfere with enemies communication, an obvious result is that their speed will be explicitly slower, while the weakness of targeted units will be pointed out, which makes them easier be destroyed. Furthermore, Listener ESV is invisible while not moving nor activating the Jamming System.


Although SACOM is lacked of tanks, it is not lacked of anti-tank weapons. Belobog Tank Assassin is a very special vehicle that is designed for this hard mission. It is armed with a long-range anti-armor cannon that can easily pierce any known armors. Comparing to other traditional tanks, it is much lighter since its armor is thinner. But it does not mean that Belobog is weak when confronting those tanks. In fact, its front armor is made from the special complex material and bend to a wide angel that well protects from the chassis from almost any tank shells, while the side and rear armor are much weaker. Belobog's engine is also especially "optimized". To reduce weight, its turning rate is explicitly slower than other vehicles.


Artillery plays a very important role in the arsenal of SACOM. However, compared to the outdated Howitzer, SACOM uses tactical missile system "Axes" to precisely root out the essential enemies.

Axes are the most valuable fruit of former Soviet Rocketry Force. It is even said that some of the corrupted military officials funded the research of Axes, or Russians can not master precision missile. But General Nikita formally denied the statements and put those "rumormongers" in prison. All in all, with advanced, Radar Guided System, it is able to hit a single man running on the ground precisely. Its high-explosive warhead can cause devastating damage to any sorts of units. However, the missile can be intercepted by enemies anti-air weapons.


Perun is a type of VTOL bomber developed by General Nikita. It absorbs the latest progress of aeronautics and Tesla technology, making it become one of the fastest and bombers in the world. General Nikita unprecedentedly combines tesla technology with aircraft armor. As a result, Perun can shift the energy of the engines to its surface and generate ionized gas to cover the aircraft, making Perun invisible for a short while. This technology gives Perun unparalleled tactical flexibility. Ironically, the first showcase of Perun was to destroy the air defense of Moscow. It is confirmed that the Anti-air Regiment of elite Taman Division was eliminated in the blink of an eye and no Perun got hurt.


AW-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft is the Cruise Spyplane of SACOM. The Commonwealth highly relies on AW-12 to defend the northwestern territories. It is heavily armored and able to reveal a very large size of the field.

Psysonic Omega

Psysonic Omega


That tank-destroyer looks great!

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When will be the next update with this new toys?

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Stories and Games are awesome!

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