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We are very pleased to announce the new patch 6.1.72

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This patch was to help round off some of the base functionality of the power grid system, bring in some more user focused features, and to really root out any core instabilities.

This is me making my first full bit adder for fun =)

This is a section of a co-op door puzzle someone made using the power system:

Here are the updates for this patch enjoy all the new logic gates!

  • - Fixed a bug related to duplicate User IDs
  • - Fixed a disconnect issue related to bad sound reference
  • - Fixed an issue where you could repadily press the load button resulting in memory leaks on the server
  • - Resolution options and keybind options
  • - Music system, phase one
  • - Esc will bring up place holder volume controls
  • - Unique music in each biome deployed
  • - Fixed loads of memory leaks in entity system
  • - Can no longer learn duplicate schematics (No extra knowledge for you!)
  • - Poked as many holes as we could in the universe to test stability
  • - Added The following gates (changed their names to gates to be easier to understand)
  • - ORGate
  • - NORGate
  • - XORGate
  • - XNORGate
  • - ANDGate
  • - NANDGate
  • - NOTGate
  • - RAMGate
  • - We clearly love our gates
  • - Cleaned up names on schematics to make easier to read
  • - Unvield the wiki [Wiki]( "Enter IF YOU DARE") I recommend for the power system enthusiast.
  • - Cleaned up some placeables that were not showing up
  • - Cleaned up Piranavor logic
  • - Reduced the cost of the ArkLight 1000 (For now mwahahaha)

Awesome, thanks :)

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