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Work, work, work, infos and a lot to do right now!

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Hey :)

Like i said the other day, right now i work really hard on the new Start Area and got lot of things to do.

New Start Area:

- Start in a Motel in the Town
- Rain and Thunder
- a new Building selfmade
- Farm (selfmade)
- Forrest
- Church
- Graveyard
- Museum Outside
- Street

If i am done, i upload new Screenshots and work on the bugfix and on the other Leveldesign
(Museum (outdoorarea, more Rooms, Light, Gameplayevents),
Hotel (More Rooms, Gameplayevents, Waterpart longer (or perhaps cut out)),
Outdoor (Forrest longer, Brigdepart),
Church (More events, less Monster),
Underground (Maze shorter, Scripte)

Overall a less but lot things to do :P Well...Soundfiles, Sign and Music are a other things :)
But there a ready :)

Do you want some Voiceacting???

Give me some time to work on it and stay as always tuned for more stuff to come!!! :)

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