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Hey everyone. Some big changes going down, take a look inside for the full details.

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Hey everyone!

Well it has been a long and eventful six months since I lasted updated the mod page. Suffice to say that things did not go as I had planned. How I had planned out the work to be carried out on CI was to bum rush work on Odyssian Void and try to clear a lot of backed up goals out. That was pretty much accomplished. However I had intended to start work on CI in Mid-November and that is where things broke down.

I was approached by a company for a COBOL development position which I accepted. This was early November and I started working for them on the 17th. As a result I have not been able to complete any show-able work on CI for the last several months. I did get into the 8th deck of the mothership to do some small things but that was the extent of my mapping.

Suffice it to say that my time is now at a premium and I have had to make some tough decisions. I tried balancing everything out but it was just not working with CI in the mix. That said the mod is not dead. I fully intend to finish it but I do not have the time to spare and as such I have had to put my proprieties in order. That meant having to place Combine Insurrection on hiatus indefinitely.

Another reason I want to hold off is because of Source 2. We all know it and Half-Life 3/Ep3 are coming sometime before 2020 (dat Valve time) and instead of having to remake the entire mod for the new engine I am electing to hold off until it is released. There will likely be some big changes that will require recoding and remapping and I would rather have to do that from the standpoint of where the mod is now rather than later when the mod may be much more complete.

I do not know when work will resume but it will resume. Right now all of my time is going to be going into Odyssian Void, some side jobs I am doing, as well as my current full time job.

Thanks to those of you who have expressed interest in the mod, I am sorry that it is going to take much longer than anticipated but at the same time there is little I can do about it. I am not going to completely abandon work on the mod while it is on the back burner, I will be taking this time to work on the back story and plot for the game, both are in sore need of updating/more work. By the time work starts up again I should have most of the details down.

Keep an eye on this space!


Well see you in 2020 then i guess.
Good luck with your work, im sure we'll have lots of mods to play in the meantime ;)

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