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A update on our new Python code that our very own Rodney Mckay has been working hard on and has done a great job.

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Python work By Rodney_Mckay

Kit Selection :
For those that play PR you will alredy know exactly what this is as we have a very simaler system to theirs. However for those that dont, the kit selection system comes in to play when you join or are leading a squad, you will notice on the center button on the squad comrose you you have an option to request kit, this allows players that are close to a supplyObject e.g a crate or malp, or if your in an armory to change their kit with out the need of respawning, you will be able to choose of any of the avaliable kits we curently have in game (Specops, Support, Medic, Assault, sniper, engineer, Squad Leader) plus any more that we add to the game.

Once your kit has been requested it is spawned directly at your feet and all you have to do is press the kit puckup key to swap to your new kit. Currently there is no limitations to what kits can be selected other than the Squad leader kit, as this is designated only for those leading the squad.

Stargate Transportation:
Yes that right we have working stargates in game, for most maps the Tau'ri team will start off in the SGC and will walk through the stargate and be transported to the designated planet (level your playing) as with the show the stargate is a one way transportatoin system.

Ring Transporters:
We are currently looking in to implamenting ring transporters into the game although we cannot promise any thing due to the limitations of the refractor engine.

Titan Mode:
We have our own version of BF2142's Titan mode, were each team will have a Titan (Taui'ri - BC304 / Lucian - Goau'ld Hatak) Currently the way this system works is once the ships are destroyed it will end the round, however this is still WIP and will be changing over time.

Strategic Vehicles:
Again this is WIP, Strategic Vehicles are any of the vehicles in the game e.g Death Glider, F302, ground jeeps e.t.c, each has a specific numerical value depending on what role it plays when one of thease vehicles gets destroyed the destroying team is awarded tickets to the base value of the vehicle and the opposing team looses tickets depending on the base value of the vehicle. The aim of this system is hopefully to prevent players from wasting assets, it should also increase immersion of the game as each player that has control of a vehicle should now want to protect it that bit more.

John-Sheppard Author

Check out the screenshots and the Video for the kit request it is up now. Comming later today Stargate Test Video

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