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This will be the last update on First Strike for a while

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Hello everyone! Its been a few months since my last update on the mod, I do not want to leave anyone in complete silence so I will show what I can. I am not one to show off large parts of unfinished things, of course most of what I've shown so far has been unfinished but I haven't shown anything of the Tat2 remake or any of the other larger aspects of the mod. This will not change for a while, they are still not ready to be shown and wont be ready for some time while I work on other things. What I will show today are things most wont notice, smaller fixes, slight changes, ODF optimizations, etc. many many many small fixes were put into place, and some of my closer friends can tell you how annoying it has been. SWBFII does not like to be modded, to quote iamashaymin: "I've made a small change and the game doesn't like that"

In all seriousness this has been a very fun and infuriating project and I've enjoyed it as a hobby this past year but, enough of the talk, here's what I've been working on:

Render done in Blender and Photoshop:

First strike Render

Stormtrooper Mustafar skin:

2022 07 23 15 07 35

New health and ammo drops:

This is all I have to show for now! More updates will be posted to the Discord server (Link:


Discord Username: Surestsafe#1372

Youtube Channel:

Special thanks to S1thk3nny, ForceMaster, and Pmate23 for special assistance with the mod!

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