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A lot of news on Aerial Combat Encounters, in this news post we wrote about progress on repairs, demo information, a message to our fans and a few announcements.

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BIG NEWS: Please read the whole post for progress on repairs, demo information, a message to the fans and a few announcements!


Yesterday morning we called our friend Željko, an IT technician, also a good friend of ours. He managed to pull the deleted files from our hard drive and get them back. Us and him collaborating resulted in retrieving the F-22A, C-5 and A-10C. Unfortunately, we will have to re-model F-15C and B-2, because they are lost. All the terrains and some GUI/HUD textures were gone. This is a massive setback, but we still made some progress in the recovery.

Hopefully the demo will be ready in February, because everything we lost resulted in a massive setback (estimated setback time: between 2 months and 6 months). Aerial Combat Encounters suffered big time on this one. Sometimes our video editing and photo editing software crashed, but at least it had the autosave and the setback cost us 2-3 hours at most. We're still shocked by this. Soon you'll see a repair progress photo of the F-22A Raptor. We have already started work on re-creating the assets. After that, we will start re-creating the demo levels.


We are really sorry for this! We didn't want it this way, everything was going perfect and the game development pace was just going up, so was the team's morale because of awesome support that we received. We have already said it, but we're shocked!
The demo was supposed to come on 25th of December.

1.) We will return the money to all the people that donated to us!

2.) Justin Blocker made an awesome soundtrack for Aerial Combat Encounters "Ace Encounter"! Check it out on his soundcloud: CLICK TO HEAR

Big ♥ to you fans for being patient and so supportive and a special one to Justin Blocker for creating this AWESOME OST for our upcoming Aerial Combat Encounters!

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