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A preliminary report of what you can expect to find in 1.8. There are more changes/additions/fixes in the final version!

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Have a summary fixlog (15 August, there have been new things since);

Global Fixes
* Incorperated Kreia Green Robe Fix by VarsityPuppet (with fix for Dantooine issue!)
* Incorperated Peragus Sion Arrival Ingame Cutscene by Zbyl2.

* Dialog.tlk file; a whole lot of miss spellings and VO mismatch errors corrected (too much to list).
* Modified random loot system. This fixes the issue with robes, droid headgear, "rare" loot on higher levels and some others. Also randomnised the color of a lightsaber (crystal) drop, instead of having it based on level.
* Most droids throughout the game (excluding Peragus for balancing reasons) now drop droid-specific itemry.
* Fixed Zabrak Vibroblade issue.
* Fixed Bao-Durs "do I have all lightsaber parts" quest requirement.
* Adds the missing 000_T3_Astro_Fix to the globalcat.2da file.
* Made some fixes to HK-47's dialogue; Added a missing LS/DS, and allowed the player to hear more additional versions of dialogue about the HK-50's (some previously inaccessable).
* Fixed the background music re-appearing at the end of the Visas Introduction, now it stays gone during the entire scene.
* Hanharr was lacking VO in his "random good" responses.
* One of Hanharr's -INF was given to Disciple instead. Fixed.
* Added a few missing loading screens.
* Disciple; Added several female Revan lines scavenged from 610 disc_enc.
* Several other gender conflicting Revan/exile lines fixed thanks to VO splits by Sith Holocron.
* Applied a fix to Disciple so the option "I want to use your medical skills" does not dissapear when asking 'what do you do again'.
* Goto: Fixed 000_Goto_Confront = 5 causing automatic success due to a typo on the influence check. Now it needs 40- or 60+ INF too. Fixed wrong order about Vogga after confrontation. Added "There is nothing more to be done. Events will now take their course." when appropriate.
* Mira; Removed influence gain from E267, because you could gain it for being an ass, and get 4 inf-gains in a row for being nice (which is now 3 thus). Added roll eyes animation where it says {Rolls eyes}. Added 500XP to the set 000_Mira_Malachor_XP flags. Removed lower than 15 wisdom check from LS option, since DS option has no such additional checks either. Now all 3 question opening lines have all options. 2 were missing 3 in the past. Fixed break when asking about Goto's shackles again with the global on 3, now it can properly continue on... Replaced "No, you're just business. Look, forget I said anything." with "No, it's just business. It's just that if you change much more, I won't be able to collect on you, since no one will recognize your face."
* Fixed getting LS upgrades instead of Lightsabers upon death for a few individuals.
* Remote now has VO when talked to outside the Ebon Hawk.
* Corrected proper Main Menu with easter eggs enabled (instead of Sion).
* Added a few reminders to visit Geeda (with XP-awards!), that were missing from vanilla TSL.
* Fixed some issues with Kreia's first "evil" response;
** Learning from her now balances out (-8, +8) instead of giving a -7 penalty (-8, +1).
** Now gains +INF from Mandalore if he's in the party.
** Bao gets -8 instead of +1.
** Handmaiden gets -8 instead of +1.
** Disciple gets -8 instead of +1.
** Visas now gains +INF.
** Mira now looses -INF.
** Hanharr now gains +INF.
** HK-47 now gains +INF.
** G0-T0 now gains +INF (even though his dialogue suggests otherwise, but all other DS acts give +INF).
** T3 now looses -INF.

* Added the missing 1.7 files for Peragus.
* Fixed a double XP issue with the medical supply door (101PER).
* Restored a missing hololog from the maintenance officer.
* Fixed an issue with the background music still playing during the Sion in Koltotank scene
* Shooting the Sith with the turret now gives more XP (the same value indoor Sith used previously). Killing Sith on the Hawk gives a little less XP than it used to do (but still more than the outdoor Sith in the past).
* Unified XP for all Sith Assassins throughout the Harbinger (some modules gave more than the rest).

Ebon Hawk
* Fixed Kreia's skill lesson to match written text.
* Updated Atton, Mira's,Visas’s and BaoDur’s training stuff after becoming a Jedi.
* Fixed infinite DS-exploit concerning fighting with Handmaiden.
* Fixes a convo-break with T3.
* Restored proper requirement of Kreia's Hanharr lesson.
* Fixed all lines in Visas lightsaber training lasting a bit too long. Now they flow a lot better, organic.
* Added "Zez, Kai, what-ever it is" to the Post-Goto Yacht dialogue with Mira.
* "{Gameplay Programmer: Hanharr looks at Kreia, who nods.}" now actually happens.
* Disabled background music when the Red Eclipse board the Ebon Hawk.
* Disallowed skipping parts of the boarding cutscene (the camera move at the start).
* Fixed issue with [awareness] line and Kreia responses during first Disciple cutscene.
* Restored post-Peragus Atton talk about the galaxy map.
* Added Dxun repair-cutscene
* Added pre-Malachor cutscene
* Visas; After the battle on the Hawk it now fades in and out to simulate the passing of time, instead of Visas suddenly appearing in the second living quarters.
* Visas no longer remains hurt after the lightsaber training is over.

* TSF will now try to intervine if the Sullustan is assaulted.
* Fixes an issue where Cede’s appearance was left blank from Jinger’s Battle of Telos mod
* Fixes camera angle when Bao/Atton speak their lines about the minefield.
* Added floating mines when HK50’s say “prepare the mines”.
* Mebla; Fixed a faulty reward condition (should be three wins in a row); Also reward didn't trigger automatically, but required restarting the conversation.
* Fixes a few minor issues with the Handmaiden sister dialogue.
* Handmaiden now responds differently to the PC depending wheter or not she killed her sisters after the Atris confrontation.
* Re-added Atris theme to her introduction, without the music-clashing of 1.4 though.
* Fixed subtitle dissapearing too soon in geno.dlg (weapon exchange).
* Fixed an incorrect camera when being female and Revan DS (Cede) when escaping Citadel to the surface.
* Military Complex Czerka Twilek now runs to exit before vanishing.
* Fixed a line being skipped when assaulting the Twilek.
* Fixed force fields not displaying their Bao-Dur line, since it appeared only without Bao-Dur in your party (and he's forced there). Now it displays always.
* Fixes skipping the Droid Merc's lines it would still display blanks till the VO was done (due to animations). Although all animations didn't work or were not required, besides a point animation which remained (and didn't cause the issue mentioned anyways).
* Now Bao does turn a few times to the console when required . Also fixed a few annoying 'skips' when Atton/Kreia were to speak and they weren't around.
* Atris.dlg adjustments. Fixed loops and a few oddities (that's my lightsaber! twice etc.), fixed a broken line or 2 (I wish I destroy that pile of rocks), made it take not so long to fade out at the end.
* Janet Lorso not wearing a Czerka officer uniform.(thanks MrPhil for catching this)
* Fixed wrongly applied dialog for Onderon Soldier (onddoor instead of ondsold).
* Fixed line-order for Handmaiden, so she no longer starts all the time with "you are the exile!" and fixed Kreia being able to interject from jail for a few lines.
* Allowed the player to persuade the Ithorian for the smuggling quest if Czerka's path was chosen without visiting Lorso (as previously it would be impossible to get in with that condition).
* Fixed quest-entry error for fuel saving quest if Vaklu's side was chosen on Onderon.
* Restored second sentry Bao-Dur (and Atton if available) comment.
* Modifications to the HK-Factory.

Nar Shaddaa
* Refugee Woes no longer closes after you convince the Serroco to attack the Exchange (what with the Exchange still being alive and all).
* Fixed teammembers seeing thugs jumping down as LS act. It's now seen properly as DS-act. Other ways of saving are still seen as LS obviously.
* Fixed facing of HK50's that attack after Goto's yacht.
* Added a couple of canisters and droids to the "new" area in the docks.
* Fixed if Lassavou and Fassa made a deal that gives Fassa a power cell the "power shortage" quest was not able to be closed. Also fixed not getting the "power shortage" quest XP if it finished this way.
* Asking Tienn about the ID transponder code was obsolete after Goto's yacht. Removed it. Also fixed subtitle and duration issues with Bao-Dur's restored lines.
* Fixed if you freed Adana without killing Sasquesh she wouldn't appear next to Nadaa, now she does.
* Removed some obsolete dialog lines after Goto's Yacht.
* Made some Visquis' lines skippable after Mira's/Hanharr's attempt at escape.
* Added "a_peace_serroco" to Force Persuasion option.
* Added Exchange option to a few convo options lacking it.
* Serocco can no longer attack the Exchange if the leadership is dead or the refugees sold themselves to slavery.
* Fixes a convo-break with T3 and lacking VO (repairing speederbike).
* Fixes several timing, clairvoyance and wrong use of :: :: issues with Kreia's listen to Nar Shaddaa conversation.
* Sasquesh; Fixed a delay issue when getting a reward for forcing Nadaa into slavery.
* Fixed the Refugee Woes quest re-opening when persuading the Serocco to attack the Exchange after Refugee Woes was already closed.
* Fixed Refugee Woes re-opening if the Refugees surrendered themselves.
* Fixed issue with a_random_talk.ncs script, which would if the global was 3 and the script set 3 again return 4, which made it impossible for Exchange thugs to talk anymore. Now in that case it returns 1 instead.
* Fixed Lootra dialogue and Kathranna dialogue sharing a local with Sasquash. They have an unique one now each.
* Fixed saving Adanna for 700 or 800 credits being seen as Dark Side Act by your teammembers, unlike 600, 1000 or Force Persuade.
* Fixed not being able to get Sasquesh' reward for Nadaa getting into slavery if you ever asked about why he held Adana.
* The "1000? Thought it was 600" was missing the check to see if the PC knew this, the 800 already had it correctly. Now they both have.
* Made a section of hanend.dlg unskippable to prevent odd camera stances and people teleporting about for the next scene. Also fixes the "2 kreia's" issue.
* Fixed typo'd check for Atton to tell the Twi'leks about how much he hates the exile. Now all that convo can actually appear ingame! Also fixed fade-in/fade-out issue with added line (previous to 1.8) and added another additional line for Influence > 80 ("I think you're another problem my friend doesn't need"). Finally, fixed a few camera points.
* Geredi has a voiced blank line. Fixed now..
* Vogga; Fixes the camera position for a few added lines.
* Visquis in Arena: Fixed the Dark Side option being inavailable.
* JJT; Fixed the line "I grow weary of these subtleties." being skipped for female PC's, and the shot showing the jjt's inhabitants cut short for everyone.
* Goto's Yacht: Fixed some restored dialogs, now it continues immediately, no more "pause" between individual lines.
* Console01/01b; Fixed all issues with "Droid command"
* Mira to Jedi cutscene; Fixed a skipped line, some turned around checks (non-conditional before conditional), a_givedark not having a P1 and added "sleep" animation to :: Closes her eyes :: since it's pretty weird to read that and see her eyes wide open.
* Pazaak playing droid; Fixed convo break, and lacking option of allowing Bao/T3 to take a look if Atton was not in the team. Now they can appear without him.
* Fixed "skip" and added gameplay designer comment submission attack to Kreia-Hanharr scene.
* Zhug brothers no longer give away their healing packs during the teammate to docks scene.
* Fixed HK-50 being "passive", they now attack aggressively.
* Goto Yacht Droid Control; G0T0 lines (about 3) never ran since Goto isn't present causing the sudden end in the convo.
* Goto's Yacht count has VO lines, attached now.
* The Rodian patrons in the JJT can now talk (their lines were placed in the wrong module!).

* Fixes the random militia dialog to cycle through all responses (unless you have a lightsaber equipped) and eliminates the line about the Disciple once he is found.
* Fixes the issue with Disciple appearing in Khoonda even if you haven’t spoken with him yet. Now you “must” speak with him to have him show up in Khoonda.
* Changed Kaevee’s Jrnl entry number so it will no longer override the lower entries.
* Changed merc_capt dialog to properly set jrnl entries for "lost shadows" quest.
* Moved back Disciple's joining, so Atton's jealousy (-INF with Atton) or a Mira line that should have been after it can play.
* You can no longer ask Pato to join militia after the battle.
* Olddroid; Fixed 'skip' issues.
* The mechanic will now move back to his old location if convinced you're no Jedi with Force Persuasion.
* Fixed the mechanic suddenly looking at 'invisible' instead of the player.
* If Handmaiden convinced you not to kill the mechanic he runs away and start the "redemption" quest, but it was lacking it's questlog update. Added.
* Mechanic; Fixed Handmaiden/destroy you 'skip' issue (the other (Atton/Kreia influence), sadly, I cannot :().
* Fixed an Atton influence line that could never be triggered.
* 'you'd better not' still results in him telling about you as Jedi. Now adds proper quest entry too. (like olddroid)
* Fixed various issues with the random dialogue breaking. 602 now uses the unused 602DAN_Rumor_Militi instead of 601DAN_Rumor_Militia to fix several issues.
* Akkere & a_akkextort.ncs; Fixes a blank VO'ed line issue.
* Fixed fighting Vrook giving 2 lightsabers.
* Sublevel: After camera is done you get new options for camera, no 4 second wait anymore.
* Jorran no longer gives a lightsaber (part). It's now 2 upgrade + color crystal. Jorran was giving a much higher level upgrade in camp, now it's the same inside and outside the sublevel.
* Fixed Kaevee dropping an upgrade part instead of lightsaber upon death.
* Added a 'check for any of the 3 droids' script in Akkeres dlg, giving an alternative line if true.
* The bug where teammates you had when joining Azkul still stand at the cave entrance is fixed.
* If Akkere dies during the Battle for Khoonda (being recruited) he dropped 99 Khoonda Militia Armors.
* Fixes a crash in Mandalore battle if it was just the Exile and Mandalore in party.
* Rebuild Enclave; Bao-Dur lines not appearing properly (LS path). Also DS and LS dead camera where switched. You no longer get Mira's speech if you have Hanharr. Also, all 4 possible mindread options can now appear wheter you're LS or DS, if you meet the requirements that is of course, not 2/2.
* Daraala now re-appears after having turned in the bodies, but without all the issues that gave in vanilla.

* It's no longer possible to use mines to cheat in battle circle; all Mandalorians you have to fight got proper feat so mines don't affect them.
* Changed reward in battle circle to match dialog; meaning you no longer get an item, only XP.
* Added Repair Ebon Hawk cutscene (updated version compared to the 1.7 unofficial patch).
* Allowed the player to ask Mandalore about the scout-ship even if they gained enough Honor to go to Onderon.
* Fixed skipping issue in planning the assault on the tomb, and you can say "later" to check out the camp.
* Gateguard & Kex; Added content with Mandalore in party.
* Gateguard; Added automatic quest-completion (with new lines!) if Davrel and you hunted the Zakkeg.
* Added Zuka line if you fixed everything for him and did Kelborn's quest (before revisiting!).
* Tomb outside; Demolition check for perimeter sensor now needs 7 skill, and actually works. Fixed "press 1 to contine" or break (contact dev!, not sure which of the 2 it would have caused) if xarga talks about the sensor and you do not have Bao-Dur, HK-47, Mira, Hanharr but DO have Handmaiden.
* Meeting for the Tomb; Some teammates were not spawned in and added BaoDur can now be selected as “leader”.
* Restored 2 missing items in Freedon Nadd's Tomb.

* Various influence gain/loss additions to the Cantina fight dialogue, and fixes (Atton gave for Mira, Goto for Bao-Dur).
* Fixes a few of Kavar's lines lasting longer than their VO due to no "has VO" tag.
* Fixed Kavar returning to his console, and doing his computer use animation when clicked in the Throne Room.

* Minor dialogue issues with Vash and the door also only takes one thorium charge when opening door.
* Added quest entry for second vision. If losing to Revan, Kreia will now say "search the tomb you are in for exit" line.

Malachor V
* Improved the Kreia vs. the Party cutscene.
* Added line for Mira's cutscene.
* Added 'what to do' lines from sensor.dlg (which is never triggered at all) to the end of the Bao-Dur convo with Remote.
*906MAL Changed the "save your Party" to add Mandalore and some lines (hopefully looks a little better now than just having your party run away)
*902MAL Fixed the requierment check for Goto to take control of HK47 (if no HK51's come to help)


I just installed 1.7 . Hard to tell there's a difference but I'm sure it's there. I didn't know you had a moddb page. Begin tracking now!

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I encouraged them for a moddb page, glad they did it.

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