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So! This is update number 2...ish. Kind of a small-ish update, but I got some people telling me that I should show what work I've done on the engine, and QuakeC. So here it is!

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So here we are.. update number two.....ish. I say that because this really isn't a nice, long, big update like the one's that "Cause of War" have for instance. Basically this update is here to kind of show the work that has been done/is being done on the Beyond-Quake Engine, and the QuakeC code. I might also throw in some other things that have gone on in the background non-related to coding. But that will be later in the update. I'm gonna try and make this as orderly as possible.. but no promises. :P

QuakeC code additions:

- Separate reloading functions for each weapon.

- Ammo clips, ect. Although these two do have a few bugs that need ironing out.

- Separate ammo systems for each gun. Works... ehh.... a little.

- Obviously new weapons coded in.

- Aim down sights.

- New animations, such as reloading with additions to running, walking ect.

- Minor AI adjustments. (Honestly I'm avoiding the AI right now :P)

- Other minor things that are too minor to mention. (eg. Walking speed. Who even walks that fast!? xD)

Engine Stuff:

NOTE - I started learning QC (QuakeC) first and that was what I coded in. I just recently started learning Engine Programming (about a month ago), but the switch has been hard. So just note that I may be a bit rusty at first doing the engine code, but I'll get better with time. Also BIG thanks to Sniperz227 for all the help!!

- HUD (not finished yet.. but then again, I'll probably always be making adjustments to the HUD)

- HL2BSP support. (I'm not even sure if I finished implementing this one. Opps. xD)

- MD2 support, although I think I might stick with .mdl. Actually as long as there are no mesh deformities, then it looks good with an AMAZING texture. But first you need an amazing texture. xD

- I also did some back-end stuff. (eg. increased poly limit to 16,000 on guns. Changed the FOV. Stuff like that. You may think it's to much, but keep in mind that this is for the PC version!)

I am currently working on a free gun system. Like, when the camera moves, the gun sways freely.

The thing that really sucks, is that I can't use GLQuake for my engine. I'm stuck developing the Engine from FitzQuake. This is bad because it's hard to implement my features when Fitz's feature are in the way. xD

That's about it. Not much done in the engine.. I know. I might have done more. I can't remember much right now. :/

Some other stuff other than coding..

Meatbox is working on the second mission's map!! The first map of the mission is done now, he's just adding detail... I like detail... also there is an actual objective.. so now you don't just go around shooting people for no reason. xD Problem is that the map doesn't load into Beyond-Quake, throwing an error of Hunk_Alloc failed on x amounts of bytes. Sad. :( (But when I get around to it, it should be pretty easy to fix.)

Fenrir has also got some more gun models finished. Screen shots will be up sometime this week. Pretty much the reason for no in-game footage is because of the way the guns look in-game. I just need to take a break from coding and position them correctly. Most importantly we need a texture artist/GFX artist. The main reason the guns look bad, are because of the horrific textures DX. Makes me sad. :( Anyways, thanks for taking time to read this update! I'll see ya'll down in the comment section!

Also, the company name is changing to "Seizure Salad", amazing.. isn't it?! xD

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my iPod got stolen. This means that the iPhone/iPad/iPod version will be delayed until I manage to get a new one.


carry on :D

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ScatterBox Author

Haha, thanks!! We will!!! Thanks for your support it help a lot!

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