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Well, Bacon Tomato Lettuce is back. Sorry the mistakes I made earlier.. Forgive me?

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Well.. A lot sure has happened in the past. The team has come a long way since then though. About a week and a half ago development started back up on BtL, and we have done so, so much more in 1 week then we had done in two months. My coding skills have been shaping a lot. My modeler has gotten very good at modeling guns, and the mapper... well he was always good. :P

So right now we have 5 guns in the game in total. We have the weapon systems working (eg. Reloading, shooting, ammo clips, ect.) We only have 1 map as of now, but it is because this map is just barely pushing the limits of iPhone/iPod. We have been working on AI, the enemy model is completely finished, it just needs to be skinned...

That's it for this weekly update. A small one. But tons got done in my perspective. Oh, and the HUD is being worked on as well. We will have md2 support very soon, as engine development is running smoothly. I will get rid of the old ugly images for the ModDB page, and replace them with the new, fresh ones. :)

I will be posting screenshots/videos soon of anything I left out in this update!! Thanks for reading. Also comment below if you have any constructive criticism, or have any idea for the game! Thanks!


zombiesak - - 88 comments

they dude i hope you can finished this and i dont can wait this game ! carry on

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SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

Whence the enemy AI is fully coded in, i will have a better idea of certian areas such as ambushes and such

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