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Here is an update for mid 2011. Image and Models by Deki Dobrosavljevic. I was busy away for a long time and unable to post updates or complete much work, I'm back and here is the Mid 2011 Update.

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Complete Soundtrack will be available soon. I have been away for a while and was unable to post updates, but i'm back now. I'm currently on vacation in Las Vegas, but I'm continuing some work on the project from my laptop. When I'm back (In 2 Weeks) work speed on my part will increase. Recently, there has been barely any job requests, need more people helping or this project is likely to fail in a matter of time. At least two people have quit and three have joined recently, we have about 5 people working on the core part of the project right now and there it is going pretty well. If it comes to it I'll probably invite some people I know who are pretty talented. Soundtrack is pretty much finished. Was done cleanly on Pro Tools M-Powered 9 by me and a friend, just some parts that I need to Finnish when I get back. The email server is having trouble and taking a long time to log on to. I have dificulty with sending and attachments so for the time being, all the devs will share work, assign parts for each other in a private facebook group, and after I'm finished dealing with a huge spam problem, a developers forum. It's a pretty neat looking forum, only that right now it's kinda spammed over the top with cheap porn and microwave discounts lol. I'm kinda working pretty hard right now to fix that. Regarding the project, I myself am right now focused on the redesign portion, for example new areas are added others are expanding, textures detail, and even in some parts storyline. There will be a few small storyline tweaks, but I assure you that it is all in the right angle and even feel of the Gunman Universe, and will only enhance the Gunman world. I've made quite a few sketches and photoshop designs of the world myself and so far am not completely satisfied so I will further go into detail.

Regards, Gunman Reloaded Project Manager,

Also you can ask me anything you want about the project at my skype, just add:

Preview image by Deki Dobrosavljevic


Awesome, this mod looks like it's coming along well. I wish I could apply to join the team but I have no experience in modding whatsoever. Maybe you could put up recruitment pages on popular gaming websites to find people with the knowledge to do this?

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<----- big fan

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Good update

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