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Regarding recent update to Merciless Mod 2 Test Server. Discussion of updates to server side file.

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Sent the update to Creative Bullets. ETA is Monday at latest for the update. Can't wait till they put the fixed server side and new merc2ded.cfg on. Now the server will show up in Master Server list.

Some highlights:

*All classes including Medic can plant landmine (V + V)
*Landmines go off on stairs
*Medics can drop Medkits (V + A)
*Medics can drop Medbags (V + M)
*Support can drop Ammobox (V + A)
*Support can rearm Ammo (V + M)
*Fixed merc2ded.cfg to get mod to display in Master Server List
*Added in voice stuff into merc2ded.cfg so Creative Bullets can beta test voice activation.
*Russian Character issues fixed, need to test Russian Medic though

Some minor issues:
*You have to move and plant landmines since they have larger distance for setting off. This was to get mines to set off on stairs.
*Still got to fix some minor HUD Icon issues
*Call Medic and Call Support tracers on Compass not working, will fix next update
*Ammoboxes too small, going to convert new ammoboxes to CoD2 soon.

Some funny looking Russians (fixed in update):

PlusIce Author

Server has been updated and now shows up in Master Server List. Russian Character issues resolved.

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