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I was on vacation for a while, but now I'm rolling with full steam again. In this update I want to show you the first animations of the Mysteria Forge and I show you one of the strongest Asen units, the Blade Breaker. So this time I show you 2 videos.

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I was on vacation for a while, but now I'm rolling with full steam again. In this update I want to show you the first animations of the Mysteria Forge and I show you one of the strongest Asen units, the Blade Breaker. So this time I show you 2 videos.

The Blade Breaker is a T3 unit, means you can build her after you build the Asen "tech center". But her gameplay is quite different than her counterpart from GDI, Nod and Scrins. Shes much faster and has deals a lot more damage and she's even able to do horrible damage to T4 units - know as epic units - as well. Even a fully upgraded Avatar is unable to hold a candle to her. Also she is too fast for inert units so they have problems hit her and do less damage. The dragotaur - an asen race which the Blade Breaker belongs to - is armed with a several tons heavy axe. In addition you can unlock 2 special abilities for her through upgrades to give her new offensive and defensive roles.

Blade Braker - Selected pose Blade Breaker - Idle pose

The axe shot is her offensive ability that makes the melee unit to an artillery unit. You need to purchase the upgrade "Axe shot traning" and a built Mysteria Forge to unlock it. If the forge gets destroyed, the ability is unavailable until you have a new one. Over longrange distance she can take down an Avatar, Mammoth, Tripod ect. with just one blow if the target don't dodge the attack. But the axe shot is really good to weaken your enemies base defense since buildings can hardly dodge at all. In addition the Blade Braker can not just run away after she used this ability. She have to open a small portal to Asgard and grap a new axe which takes about 10 seconds and makes her highly vulnerable to counterstrikes. Also the axe shot has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Blade Braker spawning new axe

The second ability is the shield hardener which can be unlocked with the "Protecting shields" upgrade of the Mysteria Forge. If you use this, she wriggles her marukai (the hair of asen) into the ground and forms a pentagram which glows in rhythmical intervals. It doubles the armor of neaby allies include herself. But while she is in this reinforcing mode she can't move or attack so she must be defended. But you can deactivate and reactivate this ability any time. With the shield hardener you can fortify outposts or protect very important units or structures. This effect does not work on aircrafts.

Blade Braker using shield hardener

The Blade Breaker has many advantages, but also some really important disadvantages you need to know. Her rate of attacks is really slow, means she is vulnerable to light units and she has a bit less HP than her counterparts. Her greatest weakness are enemy aircrafts so you have to protect her against this threat with anti air weapons. Also with 4000$ the Blade Breaker is the most expensive T3 unit of all. An asen player who use her wisly and support with other units can unfold her full destructive potential.

The Mysteria or Mystridium Forge is the hub for all asen weapons. Through upgrades you can unlock new weapons and special abilities, but you can also improve weapons and armor. For some abilities like the axe shot of the Blade Breaker you need the forge as additional prerequisite.

Mysteria Forge with smith

Mystridium, or Mysteria in the asen language, is a extremly hard to produce alloy. Only the asen can produce and manufacture it since they are in one's blood. The bodies of these mysterious creatures create it to harden their bones which explains their resistance. But you can find the highest concentration of Mystridium in their Marukai, the asens hair, which is in the end their primary source of this metal. Details about the Marukai will follow in a update later. ;)

kaiserleomon - - 62 comments

This looks so promising :D Your animation is so smooth to watch! I like them!

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Zeke_Dlyoung - - 4,458 comments

Aside from looking a bit mechanical in some places, those animations are top notch :)

Can't wait to try this mod out!

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SliderFF - - 896 comments

wow, very nice anims, wierd tail in idle, but other is awesome!

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Oaks - - 2,242 comments

Build ,,HER'' after getting an Asen Tech-center. Its actually female ?
Dragotaur.Shes incredibly strong, fast, have melee damage.Dangerous even for Epic units. She must be incredibly expensive and trained slowly.Ah,have weakness,but cool abilities too.Aura of double-armor.Axe shot that will take down faction equals in one blow.astounding.She has human voice ? Even german, for now.xd.Love the tail animation,like the blacksmiths.Its understoodable that even Tripods gets nervous when something like that is going after them. I hope you enjoyed your vacation and it is an honot to see you back in bussines.

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