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As most of you are wondering, "What The Fuck are you guys doing?!" i've decided to tell you what we are currently doing.

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We have about 4-5 members currently!
We have 3 maps being made!
We have 4 Songs being created!
Textures are being created!
We are waiting for a modler!
We are waiting for a Texture guy 4 models!
I'm Revising track 2, as well as making the next 4 songs!
We are writing the script and brainstorming level + Episode ideas

And New!
We are creating the game in episodes!
For example, you will get a demo first, which would be 1-2 levels. When the first episode comes out it will be 5 (with a lot of levels inside each one) levels.
Then, while you all are playing that, we will create Episode 2, that comes out, the process repeats!

There will be 5 Episodes total, each having about 15 levels packed down into 5, and we might possibly have a mulitiplayer attachment~

Have a nice day!



"Have a nice day!

*coughandstfuweareworkinghardyoufaggotscough* "

you.. call your mod visitors faggots?

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ya some of them

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I believe he was referring to those who insist on saying how gay this mod is, etc.

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Akito-Mordecai Author

Yeah, thats what i was doing, :P sorry for the confusion

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