Post news RSS 30.4.2023 Update 1.3 is released!

Advanced grenades area damage system, new heavy artillery weapons, some new troops, some new weapons, lots of balancing and other improvements to make gaming more fun. Calradia is going to be nuts!

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Multiplayer with AI bots.Multiplayer with AI bots. (link to video)

The Update is finally released! The focus of the update was balance. I wanted to make all weapon and troop kinds meaningful. The biggest addition was new heavy artillery weapons. These are modded weapons, so I had to add "shooters, use ranged weapons"- order to the beginning of the battle to make AI bots use their heavy artillery weapons as a primary weapon, otherwise they would more likely to use their melee weapons. Heavy artillery weapons also require correct ammunition. If you try to shoot normal grenades with them, you will blow yourself up!

What's New?

Khergit Conquerors.Khergit Conquerors.

Swadian V-Rocket Artillery.Swadian V-Rocket Artillery.

Faction improvements:

- Kingdom of Nords has two kinds of bigfoots and they are the strongest infantry units in game. Bigfoots armed with a shield and some one-handed weapons or bigfoots armed with heavier two-handed weapons. Added new mortar artillery unit.

- Vaegir Union has good mix of skilled machine gunners and accurate artillery units. Added new bombard artillery unit. Strong early units, thanks for their ideology, communism. Vaegirs share their loot equally so they can afford adequate equipment for everybody, if their leaders just decide to do that...

- Swadian Empire has new deadly rocket artillery units. Cavalry and infantry units have strongest armors and melee weaponry available for basic warriors. Also a lever-action firearm technology and mad faction leader "Adolf Harlaus" makes Swadian Empire known as the strongest faction in Calradia.

- Rhodok Republic has large numbers of cohorts and legionnaires in their armies like in ancient Roman times. Added new bombard artillery unit.

- Khergit Khanate has a new faction leader, "Genghis Khan" with new deadly "Khergit Conquerors" heavy cavalry units. Also master horse archers, armed with exploding arrows.

- Sarranid Sultanate use more tanks and less mamlukes. "Sarranid Battle Master Tank" is probably the deadliest unit in game. Foot artillery use new mortar artillery weapon.

- Mercenary tanks are almost as good as sarranid tanks but they have the highest up keep cost in game. You can also hire them from taverns.

Deadly New Explosives:

- MOAB, "Mother of all bombs". Deadliest explosive in the game! It's a throwing weapon and it requires power throw level 4 to use. With this toy you could possibly kill all enemy assaulters. It is very expensive and rare to find. Only three characters use this weapon in battlefields: Adolf Harlaus, Lenin Yaroglek and Stalin the True Marxist.

- Bombard Bombs. Specific ammo only for bombard.

- Mortar Bombs. Specific ammo only for mortar.

- Rockets. Specific ammo only for rocket launcher.

- V-Rockets. Specific ammo only for rocket launcher.

3 New Heavy Artillery Weapons:

- Rocket Launcher, Bombard, Mortar.

1 New Grenade Launcher:

- Lordly Grenade Sniper Rifle.

8 New Firearms:

- Spec Ops Sniper Rifle, Spec Ops Minigun; Spec Ops Rifle, Spec Ops Shotgun, Spec Ops Revolver, Spec Ops Shotter, Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun.

2 New Arrow Bags:

- Lordly Exploding Arrows, Deadly Poison Arrows.

9 New Armors/outfits

- Some heavy armors and some noble clothing.


- Head armors cost x2 more. Heavy helmets armor increased.

- Heavy body armors armor increased.

- Heavy leg armors armor increased.

- Firearms accuracy and speed decreased.

- Grenade launchers/grenades accuracy, ammo capacity, price and impact damage decreased. Earlier grenade launchers/grenades were too expensive to equip. Now you have all options what kind of artillery you want your men to use in battle!

- Added different grenade bag sizes.

- Arrow bag and non-exploding throwing weapon bag sizes increased about 10%.

Improvements & Fixes:

- Advanced grenade damage system. Now different grenade types have different blast radius. Earlier all grenades had same "blast damage". Bigger grenades only had bigger shards radius and damage.

- Ability to challenge other lords to duel.

- Tournaments are little bit harder and less chance for horse spawn.

- Ability to select your weapon class in arena melee fights.

- Added some new banners. Swastika banner is replaced by new "Imperial All Seeing Eyes" banner (check image below). However, the old swastika banner is still in game resources. So, if somebody wants to set up the game to use that banner, it's possible.

- Added some new soundtracks.

- Fixed battle continuation. Now if you get knocked out during a battle, your men will be ordered to charge and use their weapons freely.

- Cheat menu fixed.

Now you can easily duel with other lords without losing much relations.Now you can easily duel with other lords without losing much relations.

Armor balancing.Armor balancing.

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