Post news RSS 1.12.2022 Update 1.2 is released!

New troops, new weapons, grenade tecnology, balancing and lots of other improvements. Calradia is going to be nuts!

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Sarranid Sultanate vs Rhodok RepublicSarranid Sultanate vs Rhodok Republic (link to video)

Finally the update is here! This new version is much more better than earlier version. This new version is so crazy and awesome!

I let you know that sometimes teammates kill accidentally each other but not too often. Nord grenadiers are believed to be the team killers most often. And sometimes grenades don't deal area damage. I don't know why (I just copied grenade technology from official "With Fire And Sword" mod.) I didn't edit sieges or battle strategies at all, because it seemed to work well enough. Of course there are some castles or situations where teammates stupidly blown up many mates. Maybe I edit siege battles in the future updates.

What's new?

Swadian Heavy InfantrySwadian Heavy Infantry.

30 New Troops:

Kingdom of Nords: Nord Bigfoot, Nord Grenadier, Nord Trained Grenadier, Nord Bomber, Nord Marksman.

Vaegir Union: Vaegir Veteran Gunner, Vaegir Artillery, Vaegir Veteran Artillery, Vaegir Tank.

Swadian Empire: Swadian Black Knight, Swadian Heavy Infantry, Swadian Veteran Rifleman.

Rhodok Republic: Rhodok Legionary Cohort, Rhodok Artillery, Rhodok Trained Artillery, Rhodok Veteran Artillery, Rhodok Elite Artillery.

Khergit Khanate: Khergit Horse Archer, Khergit Veteran Horse Archer, Khergit Rambo, Khergit Tank, Khergit Bomber.

Sarranid Sultanate: Sarranid Skilled Sniper, Sarranid Artillery, Sarranid Tank, Sarranid Battle Master Tank.

Mercenaries & other: Mercenary Tank, Mercenary Main Battle Tank, Hired Gun, Grenade Sister.

9 New Grenade Launchers:

Lordly War Machine, Heavy War Machine, War Machine, Lordly Grenade Pistol, Siege Grenade Launcher, Heavy Grenade Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Light Grenade Launcher, Homemade Grenade Launcher.

6 New Grenades:

MOAG Grenades, Boom Grenades, Powerful Grenades, Grenades, Exploding Spikes, Spikes.

6 New Throwing Weapons:

Illegal Hand Grenades, Holy Hand Grenades, Siege Hand Grenades, Large Hand Grenades, Hand Grenades, Exploding Darts.

16 New Firearms:

Strange Rifle, Strange Pistol, Lordly Minigun, Heavy Cavalry Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, Cavalry Machine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Lordly Shotgun, Awesome Lever-Action Rifle, Awesome Lever-Action Shotgun, Awesome Lever-Action Pistol, Good Cavalry Rifle, Noble Revolver, Powerful Revolver, Lordly Shotter, Powerful Shotter.

6 New Melee Weapons:

Halberd, Black Mace, Noble Sword, Awesome Noble Sword, Awesome Great Lance, Awesome Two-Handed Sword.

2 New Shields:

Buckler, Scutum.

2 New Arrows:

Poison Arrows, Exploding Arrows.

3 New Horses:

Crusher, Elephant, Armored Elephant.

Lot's of New Armors:

Warlord Armors, Heavy Armors, Noble Armors, Noble Outfits, Artillery Armors.

Items Removed:

Crossbows, Bolts, Gunner Rifles, Rapidfiring Shotgun, Khergit Arrows, Hunter Boots, War Darts.


- Firearms damage reduced about 35%. Firearms are still very overpower but this reduction makes powerful firearms like shotguns or sniper rifles more useful.

- Lots of changes to firearm attributes. (Too many to list all them here.)

- Lords use best equipment available & their skills increased.

- Added different bullet bag sizes.

- Manhunters turned into cowboys. They are only outlaws who use firearms and grenades. And they hunt everybody, even other outlaws!

Improvements and fixes:

- Ability to crouch.

- Advanced formations. Now you can command for example: "Artillery, hear me", "artillery, fire at my command", "Artillery, all fire now"!

- Multiplayer bots are faction's best troops.

- Firearm shaders fixed.

- Firearm smoke effects are smaller & little lag reduction fixes.

- Added many sound effects for gunshots and explosions.

- Added some new soundtracks. Short soundtracks replaced by longer soundtracks.

- Tutorial & Training Fields removed.

A man with grenade launcherA man with grenade launcher.

Calradian CowboysCalradian Cowboys (ex-manhunters).

Black Warlord Armor.New Black Warlord Armor.

Lot's of new stuff.Lot's of new stuff.

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