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Some Information about when I will add the Update to Moddb and how far I am.

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Good News everyone who is using/playing this Mod Sunday or Monday(in Germany) I will Upload Update 0.65 . So what will be in it? Answers here:

- Campaign Fixed
Makaan should use Hyperspace in his old Ship
5th Mission is now playable without a Trainer or some Cheats
Intro is still bugging. Warning it could be a bit loud in the beginning, because the Collector left from the Invivisible HSCore will explode and I still dunno how to fix this. You can still build the one directly after the Intro.

- Shields not in this Update
I deleted the Sphereshield and tried a new Shape but then I found out why the Shield is a Sphere because its rotating with the Ship. So that it would not look akward, thats it is a Sphere and an Oval not really worked. So I tried the "Armorshield" buts its blocking the all the Turrets from shooting and on some others it worked dunno how, but I maybe know how to fix this. So still not coming in this Update sorry...

- Custom Ships and Weapons
I added 11 Custom Ships. 6 for the Hiigaran and 5 for the Vaygr. Its from Frigate to Destroyer and by the HGN to Battlecruiser. Why not by the Vaygr? Becaus I havent enough Weapons for it and atm no idea where I could add them. Ideas pls sent to me via comment or PM. There a tons of new Weapons you can use on the Custom Ships. From a little Turret to huge Ionlaser. I will add more Weapons and Ships in coming Updates so you get every time a bit new Things. I even added an Research Tree for the Ships and Weapons so you can not use them all from the beginning.

- Added 1 New Ship
Missile Frigate was added to the Game. It's a replace for the Torpedo Frigate. It shoot with 6 Long Range Missiles(12.000 Range, DMG 201)

Thats it for today see ya in the Update 0.6.5 and Ideas for Update 0.7.0 are welcome. Ah Yeah and please report any Bugs or Errors to me so I can fix them in the next Version.


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