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So since I keep getting people asking the same questions in the comments, from now on people will just get referred to this instead. If we don't answer your comment, its most likely cause its already been answered here in the FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What game(s) is this mod for ?

- Galaxy at War will be made for Men of War Assault Squad 2.

- For Call to Arms, there is a spin-off in development named Galaxy at Arms.

It won't be ported to any previous Men of War games!

2. When will the mod be released or updated ?

- It will be released whenever we think its good enough to be released or if there is sufficient enough stuff to update it. Keep in mind this mod is only a side project for this team, everyone has their own lives that our put first before this mod.

3. What will be featured in the mod ?

- The Original and Prequel trilogy, including the Extended Universe (Not Disney's shitty universe), Rogue one (Exception) and some of our own creations or ideas. We wont do anything from Disney's films, that for us is shit (RO is an exception).

4. Why is it in French ?

- Cause the main Dev (Juju) is french and we haven't had the time to fully translate it yet. It will be translated soon.

5. How do I play/activate the mod ?

- The mod is for the Editor only with the AS2 version. You can activate it by going into the options in AS2 and finding it under the mods tab. The mod has a readme in it with instructions on how to install, there's plenty of videos and guides out there too.

6. It says the mod version is out of date.

- The current AS2 version is (as of right now thats 3.262.1), so it will work.

7. How come certain people and youtubers (like Diplex) have the dev version?

- Because they're testers, and no we will not be accepting anymore testers. We've had too many problems in the past with people giving out the mod or uploading it.

8. Can I make and upload my own missions/maps/skins ?

- Yes we encourage people to freely make their own stuff and upload it. Just keep them on either the workshop or the addons page and include the mod in the credits.

Don't even upload any full version from here to the workshop or any other website (for AS2).

9. Can I make videos about the mod ?

- Again feel free to, just make sure you put either GAW or Galaxy at War in the title and include a link to the page (and/or the Discord Server) in the description.

10. Can I join the dev team ?

- We are currently looking for anyone with good experience in modeling (include make textures with)/mapping/scripting/exporting (fauna, vehicles). Again we are looking for people with experience, so if you have that feel free to send us a PM with examples of your work.

11.Are you using stuff from other star wars games ?

- Yes, while we do make our own models and resources a lot of the mod is using ripped assets from other Star Wars games (including Battlefront 1/2 (Pandemic), Battlefront 1/2 (EA), Republic Commando, The Force Unleashed 1/2, Knights of the Old Republic 1/2, The Old Republic, Galaxies, Jedi Knight Academy, Empire At War (include FOC), and cancelled Battlefront 3) Let me say this loud and clear, we in no way own or claim to own this content. The models and assets belong to the original Devs and Creators (DICE, LucasArts,Disney,EA, etc), and btw to us (Dev Team) for some models we done from A to Z. We do not intend to sell them or gain any money from using them.

12. Can I use things from your mod ?

- Unless given authorized permission from one of the lead devs (Ltmurphy/Juju) do not take any models/textures/sounds/etc for your own mod. If you wish to use them in a private/personal mod feel free to, but we are asking you not to use them if you are going to be uploading them in a public mod. While as said in the previous question we don't own all of the models, just some made by us (Dev Team), we are asking you not to as it takes time and effort to port them into the games.

13. I am having problems with the mod...

- Please refer to the readme or FAQ for some of the most basic issues you could face. If you are having crashes we have a forum section for bugs/crashes so use that. Plus our Discord Server has channels about troubles/crashes.
The mod work actually for the last AS2 version (3.262.1) without any other mods.


Update 31.05.2020

As many of you have surely noticed; since february 2020 we have been updating the
mod exclusively on the steamworkshop; for that reason the mod on steam is currently
at v0.52.4 and already features a variety of new content compared to the moddb version
v0.49 this includes; many fixes/minor additons, working multiplayer (infantry only, 4 factions),
new/edited maps, new props, etc.


14. Will we see an update for the MODDB page anytime soon?

- Once we have the next update ready (both) the steamworkshop and the moddb page
will be updated; so both platforms will have the latest version of the mod available.

15. When will we be able to play multiplayer against AI (bots)?

- Once we release our next update you will be able play against AI on all
available multiplayer maps. (requirement: Airborne DLC)

FAQ will be updated if anything else needs to be added.

See news about the mod :


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