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A small post to warn people o the new update coming to Dustbowl!

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With the STEAM Summer Sale coming we want to get the game working tip top and as bug free as we can. You have still been reporting issues here and there which have been fixed and there is still a nasty Out Of Memory crash that a few people can get on entering the map.

I'd like to discuss some changes that are coming which will effect the game a little. We plan to do 2 updates in the future, (one in the next few days and one within the next few weeks/month or two.

Update 1

1) The map split into 6 segments, map edges have various exit points to the next quadrant. Pros is it gets rid of any "out of memory" issues and we can add a lot more buildings to enter and explore!
2) The Hour bug has been fixed.
3) Some small glitches here and there fixed.
4) Steam achievements that involve progression (kills etc) are now fixed.
5) Random pricing has been removed from shops.
6) Cook in your camp.
7) New quests added.
8) The item equip using a chest bug has been fixed.
9) More areas to explore added to the world.
10) When you free the religious folk's minds the travelling pilgrims now have fixed dialogue.

The above update is a precursor for our last and final major update which I think people will be really excited about.

Update 2

1) Sandbox Mode with Steam leaderboard.

This will be the final update for the game and a feature I think the title sorely misses.

I hope everyone wont mind the update, it will kill saves and we'll announce the time it will be going live but it will be within the next few days. I want to thank everyone for their support so far, the community here is one of the best. I've been pretty quiet but that's due to some crazy stuff going on but the game will only get better within the closing months!

Thanks everyone!

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