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Update: Spinning Heroes: Beta Testers Needed, Competition, Others... READ FOR MORE!

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Hey Luke here, hows everyone?
Anyway today we want you to apply to be a beta tester. There are 10 places running for Beta testers. The Beta testers will also be awardered in the full game with an exclusive beta tester beyblade...
Apply by PM or Comment below!
Now I have a task, a competition. Create a Beyblade concept and whoever has the best judged by me, Blackdragonstory, Senluc and Smook! We will decide who has the best, the winner will have there beyblade added in the game...
Add the picture to the images section on the page. Name the image Beyblade Comp Entry then add your name at the end.
The Beyblade will be a rare so make it fancy.
Senluc has been working night and day on the game, we have some first kind of gameplay below. I have also created some classes but im not revealing them. I sent Senluc a message of what they are.
I have a genral question, is it possible to make a Character Creator in a Unity game. Just asking because I had a request for one, I'm still not sure if we can include the Beyblade Editor yet!

We are still recruting Unity Coders and Concept Artists. We need some people to design character models aswell, please apply. Make sure to visit the website in the link below! Thanks Luke.

Site Link:
Send all aplications to me or blackdragonstory!

I also plan to create a Medabots RPG named 'Medabots Zero'
If you don't know what Medabots is check it ou, Its my guilty pleasure lol!

RaviL - - 31 comments

I like the idea soo: i want to join the Beta Testers. ^^ as for the competition i's see what i can come up, just one question, when is this competition gona end?

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GundamQuatro - - 6 comments

i want to apply for beta tester too ;)

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blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

Yep you will cool boxart...:)

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Johnchief117 - - 151 comments

O.O Finally, an anime game that makes it to beta!
Count me in :) I loved Beyblades as a kid

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blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

Welcome wait till streamz studio send you an invite...:)
Btw I saw you are learning to make maps in UDK and Source engine...seanluc maybe need some help in making maps in Unity...are you familiar with Unity,if you are not busy you could make some maps from beyblade episodes :D

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Juky844 - - 20 comments

Hi I would like to apply to the beta since i have experiences with beta testings and i just love Beyblade i was all in them as a kid
Cheers ;)

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ben_price1995 - - 8 comments

Hi I would love a chance to beta test this as it's pretty amazing for a indie game and I work as a part time beta tester and could help promote your game to people I know in the Industry.

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whipflash191 - - 1 comments

id love to be a beta tester!

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beybladewolf - - 11 comments

i want to be a beta tester if any spaces are left!

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