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Update from August 14th. Discusses what I've worked on so far, and what is in store for the future.

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So I have been working on this for a while now, and due to the recent revival of the Amnesia Atlantis thread I figured I should probably announce this before someone else does it! I was initially going to wait until I had made more progress, but here it is.

Atlantia is a full conversion mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It will focus on exploring a breathtaking environment, and immersing the player in a rich storyline, filled with adventure, puzzles, exploration, and discovery. Using many custom made textures, entities, and models, Atlantia will focus on delivering the player an experience unlike any other created for Amnesia so far.

I know this is going to be a huge undertaking, but I am working on getting some underwater gameplay added in, and making some very unique environments to explore. Now I am working on the first couple maps, and will post a few more screens when done.

There will be no demo, since I don't want to take away from the initial playthrough.

As far as storyline, I have a pretty in depth story in the making. The only details I can really share at the moment are that it is set in present day, and you are a deep sea diver searching for an ancient civilization. There will be lots of notes and diary entries, and possibly even some voiced lines to get the story across.

Also, if anyone is interested in modeling (or helping with anything for that matter) send me a PM.

UPDATE : Aug. 13th - Atlantia is announced.
UPDATE : Aug. 14th - Underwater gameplay is working! Just need to touch it up a bit, and figure out how to disable gravity so the player isn't just walking underwater. Also completed a lot of mapping for the first area. (about 60%) Added some screenshots.
UPDATE : Aug. 24th - Taking some time off of mapping and working on some custom models! Will post some screens soonish
UPDATE: Sep. 8th - Most of the first map is completed, just need to add some details. Haven't worked too much on the actual mod, as I am now busy creating some custom models for it. Will post screens when I get some completed.
UPDATE: Sep 12th - Im currently seeking team members. Looking for detail oriented people who are at least somewhat experienced with using the HPL2 editors and believe that a deep story and atmosphere is the most important aspect of a mod, and believe that the details matter. I am looking for people who want to innovate and do things that haven't yet been done in Amnesia mods previously. If you are interested please PM me for details
UPDATE: Sep 13th - With the help of Rapture, mapping is undergoing a makeover. Let me just tell you it looks a LOT better. Will post screens once things are finalized.

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