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I thank everybody, give an update on the next release of Portal Pro, and post a video walkthrough for those having trouble with specific levels.

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Hey everybody. I just wanted to thank everybody who has taken an interest in this mod, especially those who have posted their thanks, comments, questions and suggestions! We're nearly up to 300 downloads so far, with downloaders from all over the world!

I would like those who posted concerns to rest easy, knowing that I've been reading them, and will be fixing many of your issues, as well as some ones I've found internally* in an upcoming version of Portal Pro.

Also, for those of you who are still stuck on a level, a tester and I have recorded and uploaded a walkthrough of every single level onto youtube, and they can all be found here:

And for all of you who have beaten Portal Pro, keep in mind that there are a few challenge maps that will test you even further, but only if you unlock them by finding a special items hidden throughout the game!

* Currently Secret Chamber 2 is unbeatable because you start with a blue-only portal gun. This will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime, this is how you can fix it:

  1. Start Portal Pro with the argument "-console"
  2. Once inside the level, press the ~ key to enter console mode
  3. Type "upgrade_portalgun" and press enter.
Leon5250 - - 13 comments

thanks :D

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Dot_Matrix - - 2 comments

I was able to beat Secret Chamber 2 using only the blue portal gun. I sketched it out on paper first.

Great mod, thanks!

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Dot_Matrix - - 2 comments

Oh, Secret Chamber 3 that is. HA never mind. Looks like you already fixed #2.

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