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Between then and now, the mod, the course, the current and future.

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Ok first thing I should address is the state of Caltharia: Source. The mod suffered from many of the mistakes a lot of first mods do. I learnt the basics of Hammer and assumed I could now make a full game solo which I discovered at my cost to have been a very stupid thing to do.

Caltharia: Source was showcased at Plymouth College of Arts' Summer Show causing me much embarrassment as you can see it was not near completion. I have since used the mod as my own little mark of shame and after graduating it has been a reminder of where I have come from.

Currently I am the writer and a mapper for the 7even mod, my skills drastically improved since this first outing with the Source Engine.

To be announced soon I have my own mod in development, hopefully the first of many. This time with a dedicated and talented team behind me.

I hope that my future projects will not disappoint.

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We've all got our projects that show where we've come from, and we always start projects early. As a natural species (known commonly as.. 'modders') we have a natural tendency to learn from bad or malnourished projects.

Don't be ashamed of it. Instead, use it to your advantage, use it as a 'what not to do.' and any major ideas or concepts you've had for that mod, try and incorporate it in better projects.

Trial and error is the game. We're just the players.
Don't lose hope.
- Scott.

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