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In this latest patch: AI fixes and balance tweaks!

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Hello everyone! In this latest patch there are two relatively minor, but important changes. First, I've fixed the AI and it will now always call in a command squad no matter what. Basically, after the initial 60 seconds, if you haven't chosen a command squad yet, one will randomly be assigned to you. This means that playing against the AI is generally fixed, and they will always come on the field. There are still a number of things that I'd like to do. For example, the AI tends to become fixated on a certain kind of tactic - sometimes they are incredibly aggressive, sometimes they are passive, and occasionally you have a game where the AI seems to play really well and are actually a challenge. I'd like them to always be a challenge like that, and it's a matter of me figuring out all the different AI variables that cause them to play like that. It's something I'm working on.

The other change is actually a series of small balance changes here and there. Infantry weapons have been tweaked slightly - I was unhappy with the basic rifle, and so it is now slightly more deadly. SMGs should now be really dangerous at very close ranges, as the long rifles will now do more damage at long range. Jeeps now do slightly more damage against targets that are moving, and you can really feel the buffs they receive from doctrines now.

There are still plenty of things for me to work on. I am always open to feedback. If you have any good games, I would love if you sent me replays! I really want to see what competitive players can do with the mod, and I'm currently looking for a good game to shoutcast / give a mini-introduction about how the mod works as well as a look at some intense play. Let me know!

I hope you enjoy!

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Looks like it could be pretty fun, I've always liked infantry over tanks too.

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