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I've got some update news...yeah I'm not abandoning the updates...

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Hey indiegamer,

We'll it's been a few months now, and to tell you the truth it's been really bad, considering that I had upgraded to Game Maker Studio 2 but found it just not suitable, and the fact that it's been slow and HOT throughout the day. So here's a list of everything that has been done to further the development of the huge update that is Urizen Shadows of the Cold Deluxe Frosty Edition.

  • many of the player sprites have been further updated to look extra "frosty"
  • 2 stages of mystic falls have been added taking the game to a new height full of alien cats and weird blue dodo looking birds

Runner 170913 1006536

  • the sound select has been updated to look really cool, take a look...

Runner 170913 1010492

  • most of the sound design has been updated, no more annoying "ughh" or childish voices.
  • a lot of the player collisions were fixed
  • some of the stages were redesigned or overhauled
  • some cutscenes were added, take a look
  • got rid of the health orb because it wasn't working out, replaced it with a frosty health meter
  • more bugs have been eliminated

Runner 170913 1014456

Here's what's planned or still needed...

  • the stage map needs to be rerouted now you can take different paths or shortcuts to the final mission I may in fact add different multiple endings
  • new warriors still need to be added
  • the new and updated bosses need to be made
  • all the updates for the warriors need to be made
  • some you should know is that there will not be a multiplayer mode at all, I will make one later as a separate game that I've been working on.
  • Once we are done in December I might just put this up on the PS Network. Yup.

We'll anyhow, it's been rough with school and all, but I'll pull through, if not Christmas day then of course a little later.

See you all , later, and thanks.

John Pinto

Bloodshadow Games/Bloodshadow Studios

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