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As a little IndieDB exclusive, for all the people who have been following and checking us out, we offer the first glance at our official trailer!

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Psst. Don't tell anyone I showed you this, but for the cool peeps on IndieDB only, here is the promised sneak peek at our official trailer. Apart from the explanatory text, there is nothing in this video that didn't come straight from the game. Visuals, sounds, voices, the lot. No pre-rendered stuff, either! That's not how we roll.

Steam store page to follow soon for more info. Be sure to Watch us to stay up-to-date on what's coming, and when.

RyanSpanAvatar - Ryan A. Span, Project & Design Lead

PS. I've been asked this question a few times now: No, we're not doing a Greenlight campaign. We're cleared to release straight to Steam when all is ready and the stars are right. Because our game is amazing, that's why.

my_medieval_soul - - 79 comments

I was so confused cause I thought this was a Frontiers video.

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Railboy - - 17 comments

Ha! No, nothing to do with FRONTIERS. Both are AAD Productions games but Euclidean is being created by the Alpha Wave team.

(Then again who knows? Maybe it's all part of the same universe. You'll have to ask Ryan if he snuck any easter eggs in there.)

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Winterslice Author
Winterslice - - 3 comments

Did I click a button too many? Sorry about that.

Then again, like Lars said, who knows what lurks beneath the seas of Kantvarld? Leviathans could just be the tip of the iceberg...

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DBE - - 22 comments

Want it!

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