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well some stuff thats going to happen and is going to be added shortly

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Well i know i havent been adding new stuff lately, but i am trying to work on it when i can get to it. A new map has been added called 'Haywire' that i havent seen yet and the website has had some new members that i will be updating that shortly with this news and all the screenshots i have.

Well some new things are going to be added one new thing that i have just added is the frag grenade, that is going to binded on a button that is customisable in the options and is now not a weapon.
the other weapon i added is the grapple hook which i am going to keep but is only going to be avaliable in cheat mode, so you can mess around with it ect.

I had a massive go at finishing the weapons system before my screen broke that i havent been able to test properly, but i think i might of cracked it. But the barriers need fixing and i need to finish the maps up to the standard i want them.

I have a week off and i have no school anymore as i only go in for exams and depending if my screen still works i should have alot done over that time.


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