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A quick overview of what we're up to and what's gonna be happening for Euclidean on the 31st.

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Alright, so. Big things are happening. For one, we have a Steam store page now. You can't see it yet, but it's there. Watching. Waiting.

For two, we're in negotiations with some publicity companies to create an appropriate splash for our launch. The press offensive will begin on the 31st (of August) with the unveiling of our official trailer. We're gonna wait to release until said offensive is at its peak. By then we'll be ready for a launch with all the bells and whistles on. We've put a lot of work into polish and stability, and it shows.

Final art is going into stage after stage. Last-minute balancing is being done. Steam integration is almost complete. It's a weird feeling to be so close. Soon, you too will be able to experience falling into eternal oblivion.

RyanSpanAvatar- Ryan A. Span, Project & Design Lead

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