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The closed beta will be released next week! We got some beta keys in this update - we plan to keep it closed for a couple of weeks before opening it up, depending on the amount of bugs and/or performance issues we have to fix. We can't wait to let people into the arena!

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Beta next week!
The beta will be released next week and we are so excited about it!! Honestly, we can't wait! We really hope that people will enjoy the game and have as much fun playing it as we're having making it. If you haven't already, you can see a small preview of the game here

Here are some beta keys for the fast use them to sign up at

  • WDSF0O2Q
  • 13EH5EEZ
  • 27AC52IL
  • K7JNEUK1
  • 5XR9M5OO
  • LV4X7ID9
  • 3TPNZ00F
  • 1NL7BHCR
  • WT0M51CS

Also remember that if you're using Evolve and you're member of their Darwin Lounge you get access to the closed beta as well.

So what will be available in the closed beta?
We're glad you asked! In the closed beta we have the set of features that we want to test out:

  • Access to the whole game
  • Tutorial
  • Deck builder (with a limited set of cards)
  • Wizard Creation
  • Replay

So what are we missing in the closed beta?
We will over the course of the beta release following features: Friend List, Trading, Monster Levelling, Shop, AI/Single Player/Campaign, Skins and of course - tons of polishing and animations. We plan to implement these features over the next couple of months.

More animations - Sparky and Gorgon Zola!
And while we wait for the beta, here are some brand spanking new animations

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