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More news and hopefully no more delays, in this AC update.

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Hi all

Just a quick update on things going on so far, I know alot of people thought this project to be dead, and that yes I have not updated anything in a while as I stated in previous updates I would only post when something significant was done.

So first off this project is far from dead, as for work thats been done, things have been all over the place due to problems with different versions of 3ds and UDK constantly updating every month, but things are still progressing slowly...

As for progress made, its slow but I am still happy with this project its been one large learning experiance from the beginning I have learned new skills, improved my work and have gotten to grips with UDK quite easily too, so today I would like to outline the final animations details of what it will be after research, experimentation and learning so that its easy to understand my position.

Taking this project all the way from games design back to animation was hard in the beginning for me, I announced it as a game originally because I felt confident, infact too confident in the fact that I would be able to pick up Unreal Script easily, but with me being more of an artist I found that my attention span when it came to Unreal Script was short, and thus I went with the choice of making this entire project an animation.

Then whilst attempting to animate, I found that animation was getting easier, and that I was more confident in creating nice short individual animation files, but when I tried to combine them into one large animation with everything moving at once, it became a nightmare trying to manage everything, whilst also updating 3ds and trying to learn the new interfaces.

So at the end of the project when I am finally getting to grips with how things is going to turn out after multiple attempts and changes and having almost finished the project several times and then having things fail on me, I have decided its alot easier to manage short scenes rendered out and then clipped together, Im pushed for time at the moment (being in work) so I will have to close this update short I will see you next update with alot more stuff hopefully :D


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Yeah not dead! GO ON! Still getting excited when you release a new update! :3

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Dragux - - 96 comments

Keep pumping that blood into this project!!! Take my B+ blood and whatever Credits i have left to build more Armored Cores and recruit more ravens! xD

seriously, if you need help we are here for you Dave

(hmm, maybe i should stop working WWII stuff and swap over to Armored Core scenery materials... help out if i can or something lol)

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