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Animation sequence so far, plus a full run down of whats being done so far to visually improve things.

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First before I start this update I would just like to say that I have special news, recently I got a email back for a job I applied for around Xmas, and well .... I went for the interview the other day and passed it, so now I can proudly tell you that for 3 months atleast I have a games industry job as a video games tester.

So, from 8am till 4pm I am testing games close to where I live, just means I take a train each day to work, but I am really happy that finally 7 years of working on mods and content, and also waiting has paid off.

So.... now thats out of the way onto the update!


So in Limit Release since I started doing small chunks of animation and putting them all into one file in 3dsmax, everythings going great, I have got around 33 seconds of footage done at the moment, but I plan to try and extend it as much as I can without having the movie play out too long, so maybe 5 mins at tops.

I plan to experiment with effects such as cracking the road surface under the AC and MTs wieght when ever they step , and land, so that will be intensive so I am gonna do that last, at the moment I went from an AC fight, to an AC vs MT fight , then its gonna be back to AC fighting , thats how the scenes set up to play out.

So I was animating my MTs and this is what I have so far...

If anyone hasnt already seen this is the first 5 seconds of the movie

I am working hard to keep the action fluid and awsome , so until next update, I hope you enjoy and I will try and show off more soon :D


DudenClarity - - 98 comments

Looking good and congrads on getting the job! :D

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Dragux - - 96 comments

10 seconds in on your MT it stops for a bit longer than the other steps, if you want it to be a well rounded walking animation they sort of need to be equal otherwise it could ruin the animation, unless its been shot at or hit unstable ground (but seeing its just a test i guess there could be unstable ground)

Rather nice work though, really digging the recoil on the legs when its coming down on its own weight from the 6-7 second mark (something like that would really make it feel like an MT from the series... they weren't as efficient as Armored Cores and they did tend to lock up, reason most of them went to Unmanned units in the end of the AC series)

please keep up the work though dave :D

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booman - - 3,651 comments

Yes, Congrats on the new job in game testing. Keep up your hard work so you can work up to game design at this company

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Whizzard - - 459 comments

It's most probably possible to climb up from tester position, I know it's possible around here. One day you are tester, the next day you are programmer. Not a matter of days though.

Show off your skill sometime, maybe they'll pick you up. ^^

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