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Taking advice from Monty Oum, working on stuff really slowly , adding some minor content and then putting stuff together.

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"I call it 3d Film making rather than animation because a big misconception about my work is that I dont see myself as much of an animator" , "You wanna be a movie maker who uses animation, animators dont make movies, they make demo reels or they work for someone who makes movies" - Monty Oum (AB 2010 3d Film Making Pannel)

Hey everyone again,

I decided to leave another update inbetween working on indie website games, and living a party life style, where everyone constantly wants me for something or wants me to be with them.What have I been up to? , well if you watched some of my last Vblog stuff I noted that I was now making Flash games for a company with my own games development team, part of a work experiance project to get me into the work place and land myself a job as a art consultant/game planner for a company that makes Flash based games.

Well that has been taking up all my day time during the week, and by the time I get home I dont want do do anything cause I have already been working all day, even though I claim I dont do alot (it doesnt feel like it), my job is simple I organise all the content, create briefs, and generally go over the ideas and over all design and throw my ideas in when needed. And when it comes to night time I start doing stuff and then get distracted by any number of things, normally my friends wanting me to play several games with them weather it be on the xbox or steam, so thats been eatting up my time like crazy.

But... things are looking up.

I keep going through the animations, doing more, revising old ones, and being really picky but thats about to change thanks to a video I saw of Monty again on youtube at another pannel, this was his quote "You cant be too picky because if you are, you wont ever get anything done".

Thats what I am currently going through now, being picky as hell about my work, when I dont think I should be so focused on it being perfect, aslong as I can convey the motions I want to do to a good enough standard that should be fine for me.

So I decided with that inspiration to add one more model rig to the list before I go a head and start picking up speed again, Im currently working on a "Javelin" MT atm to be cannon fodder like when Monty uses alot of the same style character in his vids for cool sequences I had a really good idea for a cool opening sequence.

So I uploaded some pictures of what I currently have, as I lost the almost completed version I had before when 3dsmax crashed.

Hopefully I will get back on track soon with this last model starting me off again :D

Until next time :D


-=[Colorado]=- - - 378 comments

Well nice to hear about what's going on.
(I should watch you VLOGS O:)
But the best thing about this update is:
^^ Remember the past, where it you had a serious problem with jobs and stuff.
Now enjoy your time :D


- Colorado -

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