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Spoilers ahead in this update, more animations more work, and more of me being a perfectionist.

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So there I went and did it,

I posted up an update of sorts in the picture gallery not trying to give anything away or too much but it is concidered a spoiler, I have been working on animating this item ever since I finished developedment on it around 15/04/2011, I have been keeping it secret for so long but I just needed an update to keep things rolling and its the only new thing I had...

Now that that little outburst is out of the way...

Hey everyone,

Some of you being smart as hell, or just having watched certain videos online will already know what the spoiler is, or along those lines.I worked ages on it back around April when I got hold of some images, and instantly fell in love with it, made it and textured it quite quickly and its been sat in the secrets bin ever since.

One thing I will tell you is that animating it is truely annoying, its not like a laserblade as it handles more like a normal sword, hand held and swung in a different arc to a wrist mounted blade, how do I know this?, well I tested it out, I have props of the melee weapons here avalible and even though they are just items that are similar in shape, it gives me a good idea of how they would be swung or used, so I did alot of testing to see what swinging arcs I could have.

As for the animations, I am working on getting them all looking perfect in 3ds first before I transfere them to UDK, and though most of the time other stuff gets in my way like job searching, working for my placement doing flash games design, or just not feeling so productive, when I do get stuff done I tend to be happy with it, so I am pleased atm on how things are coming.


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