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Hope I can get this done before AC5 .... God its taking ages, but then again its due to more computer problems and me nit picking at my animations, for more inside info come here :D

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So yet again ladies and gents another update,

Im making this update quick, as I felt it was needed, and also because its late at night.

I am currently working on getting things back up and running again, after some malware tore my pc a new one last week, I am still trying to figure out if ActorX works with UDK now from my Student ver of Max 2010.

I have been working on animations, but like normal because I am being incredibly picky I have started to nit pick at all my animations trying to make them look perfect, I did run a test of the opening I had in mind, I rendered off the entire scene and the landing didnt look right, so now I have to re do that animation and get it ingame, then ontop of that carry on with the other animations, but at the moment I am stuck with one slight problem.

People are saying that the ACs animations make them look like there is no weight to them, and I have no idea how to fix this problem at the moment, the only thing I can think of is slowing down certain frames and going over the top with some others to make the movement abit more apparent.

This is the only thing I need to figure out mainly so I can move onto the rest of the film, so if anyone can lend some advice then I would be more than willing to experiment.

Apart from that lot, thats it for this update.

Till next time



I think I can ask a friend who is also trying the UDK to help if you'd like?

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Huge difference between a lightweighted and heavy things is that heavy things have drift in them. Changing direction, moving, whatever, there is weight in them. It also involved looser parts of the items. For example arms and legs, if body makes a sudden change in movement, the arms and legs would reflect that by slightly lagging behind or still drifting in former direction of movement. Inertia is what your animation might be lacking.
I hope this rant helped somewhat. ;)

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I absolutely agree. Usually in movies, large heavy object move a bit slower than everything else.
Also, the surrounding environment can give hints of weight. Such as vibrating ground/granules when a large object falls.
Even the camera view can give the viewer a sense of size. The camera is always look up at the object or everything else is smaller... I know that isn't "weight", but weight and size usually go together.
Hope this helps... Really looking forward to your updates

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