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Hey, 10 days since the last update and its because...

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Well its basically because I didn't knew how to make the end of the game, I mean, I had an end in mind, but I didn't knew how to realize that ending, btw its an 'open' end, because I don't know if I want to make a sequel to this or not, probably yes, but I'll see in the future.
Also I'm thinking to put my voice on the game, to tell what is going on, I obviusly don't have the 'budget' or enough people to put dialogs on the game, so I can't really tell what is going on without explaining it in some way.

Also in the time I'm writing this, I'm working on the level 8 of 9, when I finish all 9 levels I'll spent a lot of time trying to improve the game, there are a lot of stuff that I would do if I have a team and a budget, but obviusly they are impossible, like the storytelling or that the all levels are conected, with no loading screens like in Dead Space 2 or Tomb Raider (2013), or more open levels like in Crysis/Dishonored. But yeah, this is probably the most simplistic version that I can make by my oun of a vision of that a game that I would like to make if I was a videogame director.

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