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Another Update, with more coffee, more work, and alot more animations, plus the backups..

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So hey everyone again,

Just doing another quick post, cause of the quick responses to the last post.Yes its unfortunate that its back to just a movie, and it could`nt get any worse than me almost loosing everything I had to Malware the other day.... that was a horrid ordeal with me downloading a patch for a game and then suddenly... BAM Malware on your system, so like every time I get something wrong with my comp I just start again by nuking the site from orbit (Obvious Aliens reference insert), I backed all my work up and reformatted my comp, and now I am happy because its quicker than before :D

I changed Limit Breakers setup for the final video as I wanted to try to do alot of close combat, that sort of animations gonna really test me, Im watching some crazy things like random eps of Code Geass, lots of Monty Oums animation videos, The One the movie and some other stuff to get an idea of what I want, also I am going to be exploring new techniques to do stuff in UDK so I can hopefully produce something alot better than my dev trailer, you know what with me basing this entire project around the fact that its a learning experiance that I am sharing with you all as I progress on it.

So hopefully later on I will pull my finger out and actually start doing stuff, in terms of how I wanna do stuff, I guess I am gonna have to actually story board it this time, as last time was very shabby and I didnt know what was going on, that and alot of people complained about the flight times of the AC`s cause I based the entire thing on Gundam so of course, the flight times have to be dropped alot, thus why I looked at Code Geass for reference as the Knightmares move similar to AC`s when floor boosting, hell I might end up drawing my entire inspiration for the AC movement from "CG" at this point as they move fluidly and are quite accurate in terms of what I want, plus the animations are amazing at some points, gotta hand it to the people who do anime, they always do some impressive scenes.

Anyway, Hope to give you guys more in the future, I am thinking of making a completely new AC for the antagonist in this one, so you might see parts for that cropping up as previews, or I might not thats still on the back burner....

Anyways gotta run, the house work doesnt do its self (unfortunately x.x)



Who gets malware these days? I swear it doesn't happen.
And I'm sure you can animate whatever you want, you're talented enough.
Good luck! O:

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Good call, backing up your work and formatting/reinstalling is the best way. I'm shocked the patch was malware... how lame is that?
I usually scan any file I download before I execute it. Do you use an anti-malware?

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