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today (4 may) i added a new feature that will be easyier for me and the players i hooked up the weapon script reading system to the points system and the use weapon system so that it takes the points from the script and does some checks then gives the weapon with the certain amount of points taken away, so your probably thinking that "what if i set the number to 1 or 0 even, cant i just have every weapon for free" well i have made a points checker thing that checks the points and if it is too low then it wont work unless its higher, but i will add the cheats convar sv_cheats so it can be missed out when cheats are on so its not too boring.

i also added some bug fixes so that if your noclipping or in god mode it wont crash the hopwire grenade /vortex grenade :D

i still dont understand whats going wrong with a couple of things like when you take a weapon it doesnt want to respawn and the barriers are still not working properly :(. But i hope i will be able to fix it for the next release which is why i need some beta testers if you have seen my comment below then you would realise that i definatly need them but i dont know if mapocolypse will test it for me but i dont know as GR3AVE5Y hasn't been in touch lately just PM me or leave a comment if you are interested and PM or comment if you would like to do some mapping just like some cool buildings that i could turn into zombie survival maps where you have marked where barriers, unlockable debris/doors and buyable stuff go.

thanks tingtom.


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