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Another week, another update, but this time we change things a bit.

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Hello Fans!

So you probably wonder what is going on with our game this week.

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First menu set ups are finished, raw but amazing!

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"Purrs like a kitten."

I finished Service Rifle UV and started to put on some texture work, its still raw, but you can see already its badass.

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"Always pack your ammo!"

We also finished all assets, not only level tiles, but also props like crates! Next up!! Barrels!

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"Lets burn some calories!"

We also improved colliders of all stairs, previously they were just ramps, now they are more... stairy?

And now we have great sound effects for weapons, pickups and player!

From now on we changed the gap between each update of our game. From one week we change it to two weeks, it will make each update more interesting and give them more content to show.

See You Space Elites...

- Kreuzer

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