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An update for Dreamcast Conversion has been released

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Update 5 for Dreamcast Conversion is now ready!

Download the full package here.

Be sure to install the mods in the correct order! Check the install guide for more details.

Having issues? Check out the troubleshooting guide.

This is a complete mod package containing the latest version of each mod. If you update regularly through the Mod Loader, you don't need to download it because the updates are pushed to you automatically, which means you're already playing Update 5! This download is mainly for people getting started with DC mods.

I'm sure many of you have already seen some of this stuff in the changelog and the actual updates, but here's a list of highlights of this version:

  • SA1 ocean wave effect in Emerald Coast! You can see it in Act 1 during the whale chase sequence.
  • Various effect restorations, such as the explosion particles when you hit Perfect Chaos, Egg Hornet digging rotation and car headlights in Chaos 0.
  • All level mods are now using original PVR textures from the Dreamcast version (with some custom PVR textures where needed). This means everything loads a lot faster and is more faithful to the original game.
  • SADXStyleWater and some other mods are now using the new PVMX archive format developed by SonicFreak94. Make sure you update the Mod Loader to the latest version to avoid crashes with those mods!
  • A huge number of models had to be replaced by their Dreamcast counterparts due to texture mapping differences caused by the switch to original SA1 textures, which improved accuracy greatly. Many objects throughout the game are now using their original Dreamcast models - from plants in Lost World to Sky Deck cannons.
  • The SADX Style Water mod has been updated with support for animated water waves, also the seashore area in Station Square looks a bit closer to the original SADX seashore now.
  • A new optional mod restores the cowgirl from the original Japanese version of SA1 in Knuckles' Casinopolis. She even makes a noise when attacked! Though you need Sound Overhaul to hear it because her sound was removed in SADX.
  • Updates for DC Branding include title screen and main menu background improvements, as well as the gradient-filled rectangle that appears when you pause the game.
  • The SET layout fixes mod by supercoolsonic has been updated to include more level layouts.
  • Lots of general bugfixes and accuracy improvements.

I hope you like the new update. This update marks another milestone for Dreamcast mods, and a full restoration doesn't seem so distant anymore.

Enjoy the Dreamcast experience, and be sure to stay up to date!


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