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Trying to learn more and improve still, Johns working on coding, and yet again more work.

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So hey everyone.

First post of the new year, and I already am doing this at 9am having stayed up all night working on things with John,over Xmas I stayed over at my parents house,then came back after new years to my house,and started work right away on stuff,like trying to make modular assets,whilst waiting for the new reference to arrive.

Johns been amazing,trying to get as much done as he can,hes been working on all sorts,learning how scaleform works,coding more stuff,and generally just doing really good work improving on stuff so far.I have`nt really updated as far as video footage goes mainly because I either 1: want to do more animations or a major animation, before I do that or 2: because I want us to reach a milestone in the project so its something impressive.

You`ll see in the gallery more Urban like buildings slowly appearing as I tweak them and get the parts ingame, as I am currently working on Born City (I think thats the name of the Multiplayer level) style stuff from the AC3-LR era.

Aswell as working on the Urban stuff I am yet again learning more about the engine, by trying to fix the Highway level I did earlier on before Xmas, it had some shadow issues to do with me now doing a second set of UVWunwraps on it, but I slapped some on before and its looking pretty nice ingame now, I just need to add a sky to it and then also add clouds, unlike the AC3 version which is surrounded by fog I wish to make this highway look as though its high above the cloud line, and to possibly add some mountains in to add more of a feel to it, so you might see more screenshots of that soon.

Unfortunately we have not heard back from Jay yet,who dissapeared some time before xmas, I am not sure whats going on with him,but I hope he comes back I have had too many times like this, where someone decides to go somewhere,then never comes back,and its always a major kick in the development.

I am just waiting for the XA2 parts to come in the mail then I can get some more AC2 era work done, I am also looking into trying to get AC sound effects some how,So if anyone can help rip them to get us a clean sounding set of SFX then please get incontact with me as its crucial to development later on.

Anyways thats all for now.



Good luck with everything, Dave!
I look forward to future releases by you guys.
I wish I could get you the sounds somehow, I'm sure I could somehow if I got 4Answer back from my friend. :l

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Moodydave Author

ty :D, I have some interesting content gonna be shown off in video format some time in the near future.

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